Links 8/26/08


  1. Anonymous

    This is a 9/10 on the Fuzzy animal scale of cuteness. It portrays the canine struggle against the elements and their battle against the primitive serpentine demons which cloak themselves in downy masks to hide the lizard beneath.

    Keep it up.

  2. doc holiday

    And yea, it was said that the hawk will walk beside the wolf and the day of reckoning shall pass and justice will fill the lands as the evil bankers perish into feces-like dust and so on and so forth…

  3. Independent Accountant

    The PCAOB in operation is another example of “regulatory capture”. It is a fraud and the Big 87654 firms cartel enforcer.

  4. Martin, the Netherlands

    Re the item on local councils and sex lives: in the Netherlands, detectives employed by social security adminsitrations are generally known as “toothbrush counters”.

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