Links 8/28/08


  1. doc holiday

    Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.
    Fyodor Dostoevsky

    Dostoevsky is full of feces, just like dog placed on table, yet, on quick inspection, this image initially seems dull, boring and entirely illogical, yet, the fact that it has left me in a state of bewilderment suggests that this absence of high quality is somehow appealing and thus, I am attracted to the sublime character qualities which are devoid of symbolism. This is art in a very pure form, i.e, complex, yet simple.

    Hence, this simple and subtle allusion results in a complex metaphor which plays directly upon the exchange between Yves and Fred yesterday and thus the obvious disconnect between internet technology, print media and the loss of connections made by mans best friend.

    It’s ok, I don’t get any of it either…

  2. Richard Kline

    Amongst the bondage afficionados of my acquaintance, an admittedly non-random sample, I could concur that as a group they are happier than the average. OTOH they are out of the closet and onto the eyebolts so to speak, and that salient advantage certainly skews their response to the upside. Hmmm . . . more research is needed, here.

  3. Yves Smith

    Links are not a news digest. Newspapers and news aggregators serve that function. They are my completely arbitrary choice of things that strike me as interesting.

  4. Anonymous

    I understand, that’s why i asked if it “merits” a link. nothing about them strikes you as interesting today? I thought it might

  5. Fred or company shill

    watch your tone or Yves will ban you. sorry I dont check enough blogs for your liking.

  6. mmm

    Yves, don’t go there. That is Fred or a company shill. You don’t need to defend your choices.

    3:46, you got your answer. You seem to be looking for an argument. Is anything on MBIA up at The Big Picture, Mish, or CR? Even David Merkel, who is from the insurance industry, has nothing new up.

  7. Anonymous

    I thought this was my turf? WTF is going on here, this is normally dead space reserved for abstract delusions, you people need to go to Yahoo and vent — or better yet, exchange emails and then hunt each other down, as if in a MadMax episode. Leave my animals alone, I mean, leave Yves animals alone, as i need space to collect my thoughts……get out!

  8. dh

    I'm confused! Where do I put this story?

    Fitch Downgrades WM Covered Bonds Program to 'AA'

    Recently, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued a policy statement outlining criteria for U.S. covered bonds. The criteria were designed to ensure that the highest quality mortgage loans would be used in new covered bond transactions.

  9. Dave Raithel

    When I get to drop by, my usual first look is at the Links, and I appreciate that Yves Smith points up what caught his interest each day as I go about trying to learn to think like a financier /broker / finance analyst / central banking cog in the wheel/ etc. The link re "Gold & Silver Conspiracy Explained" provoked recollections of what I've been wrapping my head around over at Chris Martenson's place (well, most recently; I've never got the "gold standard" argument, since, especially, I can think of something of limited availability over which I have primary control and which would make me much better off if only it served as the medium of exchange…if only people wanted it…) Try as I might, I just can't get past that the stuff is just … well, stuff, sometimes useful for electronics and jewelry and x-ray film, but otherwise deriving its value from a belief in the collapse of fiat currency. No conspiracy there….

  10. Anonymous

    What are you people babbling about?

    This is Yves Smith’s dog! Look at those piercing eyes and talon like claws!

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