1. Yves Smith

    I didn’t find it. One of the principals of the company, who corresponded with me after the Milken conference on a completely unrelated matter, sent this along. The company Versus does a lot of song parodies on current news topics.

  2. Anonymous

    If you really want a laugh tune in to Carly Fiorina’s comments about the inability of Sarah Palin to run a corporation. She then stuck her other foot in her mouth by saying McCain couldn’t either, and through in Obama Biden to try to cover her arse. The joke is she couln’t run HP either.

  3. Matthew Dubuque

    Matthew Dubuque

    My view is that chuckling and joking while the world’s financial system is undergoing absolute liquidation and while the Fed is trying to engineer a hard, forced landing of the economy detracts from my personal attention to the emergency at hand.

    Kind of like kidding around in the operating room when my father is in a dangerous type of open heart surgery.

    But others are free to do as they wish of course. That’s fine with me. I just wanted to share my view that the situation unfolding has societal implications far more profound than vast numbers of well-intentioned, kind-spirited people seem to comprehend.

    Matthew Dubuque

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