Links 10/14/08

This stock collapse is petty when compared to the nature crunch George Monbiot, Guardian

Iceland appoints women to clean up ‘male mess’ FT Alphaville (hat tip reader Richard)

The Rich Support McCain, But The REALLY Rich Support Obama Clusterstock

House of Lords deals fatal blow to 42-day terror detention plans Times Online

The Short View: Market bounce John Authers, Financial Times. No one is perfect, but Authers is awfully good in reading short-term, and sometimes longer-term trends. He called to the day the turn in the credit market, for instance. What is remarkable about this piece is the degree of his skepticism.

While Wall Street Celebrates, Others Warn Of Severe Recession Ahead Boom2Bust

Nationalisation pushes debt to 100 per cent of GDP The Independent

We have successfully transformed credit risk into solvency risk Eurointelligence

Smart Money’ Stays on the Sides Wall Street Journal. The article discusses how some big name hedge funds have gone heavily into cash, but is hugely remiss in failing to mention that one reason for this move is to meet investor redemptions.

Antidote du jour. You get a bonus because I am in the mood. Please do not come to expect it. The first comes via reader Megan:

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  1. cansarnoso

    “Labour rebels including … Baroness Manningham-Buller, the former head of MI5, … and Lord Condon, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner”
    even the police state
    had cold feet after brown’s darling rushed to sieze iceland’s assets using this legislation
    gunboat diplomacy as a belated revenge on viking invaders
    canute, who couldn’t rule the waves, but sent a chill down anglo saxon spines
    and william the conqueror

  2. River

    The Chipmunk Banker/Politician is willing to risk life and limb in order to steal from the public, represented by Captain Nemo.


    A starving Icelandic populace is willing to risk all in the face of New Banking Raiders from every quarter, including under the sea.

  3. That thing you do

    Doesn’t surprise me (this political difference between the rich and the super-rich). Most of the rich are working-class millionaires. To make it as a working-class millionaire, you don’t have to be smart. You just have to focus relentlessly on your business and chisel your customers/suppliers/employees at every opportunity. Wanting lower taxes is just an extension of this personality trait – pushing for every conceivable advantage, the rest of the world be damned.

    The super-rich have to think big picture and about the system as a whole – they ARE the system.

  4. doc holiday

    The war to reform derivative madness, which destroyed capitalism, involved the concept of tossing everything available at every battle — including the concept to toss in everything including the kitchen sink — to do what ever it may take to win. Unfortunately, the kitchen sink ended up being just flattened pennies in front of a synthetic steamroller. It was at that stage of on-going defeat that squirrels were called into Global service, to do what Congress, The Senate, IMF and NATO were either unwilling or unable to do, win the fuc-ing war against derivatives.

    This war poster represented that struggle between sitting around on your ass and eating almonds, or taking actions and fighting the depths of all the wall street problems of non-regulation connected to lobby groups and the corruption associated with derivatives of mass chaotic destruction. You will note the historic reference to the antique deep sea gear worn by the violent SIFMA lobby member.

    Although order was restored in financial markets, squirrels continued to be more popular as outspoken symbols of corruption, thus creating a fifth political party which was able to elect many squirrels who were able to filibuster by placing much needed obstructions in the way of fast moving legislation which was often thought to be sponsored by shadow banking concerns.

    Squirrels saved Americas bacon!

  5. mxq

    River…Just to clear things up, the character on the right looks a bit more like Wicket W. Warrick, the Ewok.

    Though, I will concede that, Cptn. Nemo, and Wicket probably share the same freedom fighting, vengeance driven ambitions, so you could really insert either of them in that situation and probably have similar outcomes vs. the squirrel.

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