1. Mary

    This post is an indicator of the descent into blog lameness.

    First, she can’t even post actual info, she just posts links to work OTHER people did. Yet she get the traffic and the bucks.

    Now, she can’t even be bothered to find those links! She wants her readers to do it! Wow!

    And our check for our cut of the ad revenues, Yves? In the mail, I guess.

    Now I’m as big a fan of Yves’ thinking and analysis as anyone (when she actually does it).

    But I do see posts like this as a portent of current and more-to-come blog lameness.

  2. Richard Smith

    Mary, or should I say Dan Duncan,

    When was the sex change? I fancy you like mad all of a sudden.

    Tell me what you are wearing.

    Big kiss


  3. ndk

    China Central Bank Attacks Paulson’s ‘Gangster Logic’

    Including my favorite section:

    Zhang also criticized the International Monetary Fund for paying too much attention to financial risks in emerging and developing economies and not enough to those of developed countries, “which have a larger impact, especially economies issuing major reserve currencies.”

    This isn’t on its way to a gentle resolution.

  4. mxq

    RE: Richard Smith’s comment…lol!

    Mary…its amazing that you can call yourself a fan of someone and then drop ad hominem bombs, all in the same comment. I don’t know if thats your lame attempt at sarcasm, or if you are just that much of a sociopath.

    anyways, while i know there are a million tech blogs out there, i thought this was interesting…the EU ordered MSFT to remove internet explorer from Windows…i don’t know how many companies MSFT put out of business in the last 10 or so years b/c of IE/Windows. Amazing that its taken this long. firefox/opera/netscape/chrome should be able to take big mkt share now.

  5. Anonymous

    Mary, or shall I say Troll,

    I supposed it did not occur to you that it might be more work to find suitable material for a Links page in a slow news period?

    Or that other blogs have similar pages, and you are merely revealing pettiness and/or jealousy in complaining about a common practice?

    If you don’t like blogs, the solution is simple. Quit reading them. Your carping merely shows how distorted and self-centered your perceptions are.

  6. Anonymous

    The Economist thinks the Group of 30’s new report on reforming financial regulation will be very influential.


    The full report costs $49 but a summary of the recommendations can be downloaded free.


    Paul Volcker led the group that produced the report, and he spoke at a press conference Friday. I wish I could find video, audio or a transcript. (The link from the Group of 30’s page is to 10 seconds of Volcker and 5 minutes of CNBC blather.)

  7. dd

    I think it’s a lot of BS. Really. Volker knows the drill; knows it’s over except for the interesting tidbit of capturing all liquid MMFs and pouring it into the banking sieve. What next: a ‘derivatives certificate’ redeemable for cash and prizes?

  8. River

    The kitty is peering down the tunnel, attempting to discern if it’s daylight or an oncoming locomotive.

    The kitty’s name is Ben.

  9. doc holiday


    Re: "The kitty is peering down the tunnel, attempting to discern if it's daylight or an oncoming locomotive.

    The kitty's name is Ben."

    > I thought it was a telescope… looking at a black hole… I'll stop there.

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