1. Anonymous

    Re: Dick Cheney

    I believe he has threatened the US or has knowledge of an impending attack. He should be rendered to a third world country or gitmo, without legal recourse, for waterboarding and interrogation.

  2. ndk

    I can’t even find it in myself to laugh at this anymore. The torrent of corruption, the abuse of countrymen, and most of all the eager complicity of the government, are too much together.

    Volcker has been marginalized so severely that someone felt the need to take it to the press. What more sign do we need?

    I’m going to go down to the river and watch the sunset. We’ve got spectacular variety in ducks this time of year. I’m on the brink of taking it to the next level and John Galting myself somewhere near Ouray.

    Hopefully this finds some other readers in better humor, as it were.

  3. Anonymous

    rofl, love the cast, PG=pure greed=pure gold and a countless pool of casting (scumbag billionares) at the ready for future screen play.

    MAD skippy

  4. Anonymous

    I like how the poster has “Starring” KB, SK, etc., all the personalities who in real life got taken by BM.

  5. Anonymous

    hmmm…nothing in that poster about all the clients who thought their good buddy Bernie was front-running the dumb goyim, penny a trade. odd. why would they leave that out?

  6. Anonymous

    Cute and clever BUT, alas, missed the opportunity to include the SEC as one of the causes. I’d have included “SEC incompetence” as one of the answers. Plus maybe “concealed family help,” my personal favorite.

  7. Acrimonious

    ndk 5:40

    Ouray is too close to what Telluride has become.
    Tomorrow I file for SS retirement, file my corporate statement of dissolution for CA and leave for St. Lucia. The rampant corruption from the top down in concert with the merry band of idiots is too much for me. Make it into a verb “Galting out”.

  8. Jason C. Rines

    I had a good underwriter for our LOC tell me in June of 2007 that the banking system was insolvent. That was the same time I was listening to Greenspan flap about how there was only 25% chance of recession when I knew better. My Grandmother whom lived through the Great Depression always told me to never trust bankers, they love foreclosures.

    By August of 2007 I had completed 2008 forecasts of the U.S. economy with a number of other emerging leadership/economists. I already had my extreme moments of anger and grief but I am far beyond this into action.

    Our group accurately concluded what would occur. Such groups of think tanks are the next crop of leadership. There is an actionable plan at my site in phases. To net it out, four years after the start of a deep fiscal crisis there are voter revolutions where 30% of the House of Representatives are expunged. Our job in as Patriotic investors is to educate the public for the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. My part is technology, make it easier for the investment/business community to facilitate debates and actionable plans. The work is progressing, but tough slogging. History also shows us it is the middle class and upper middle class that assists and these groups pull double duty, paying the bills on one side and offering sweat equity as Patriotic acts on the other side. When the timing is right, financeers do come in and help but AFTER demonstrable problem solving as I mentioned is already complete. It takes time…

  9. ndk

    Ouray is too close to what Telluride has become.

    I haven’t been back to Ouray recently, Acrimonious, but I’ve heard the same from many. I can’t visit Telluride, Aspen, Crested Butte, or others without feeling nauseous by this point. Maybe the recession will change that, but entitlement and connections have survived far greater threats than this one.

    If you employed anyone in California, you were indeed a glutton for punishment. I’ve never been to St. Lucia, but from what I know, it’s a lovely choice, and I wish you a better life on those shores.

  10. Conchscooter

    If St Lucia is the answer it must be a bloody silly question. Especially if it involves running from corruption!

  11. Nick

    The world really does need a good place to Galt-out to. Somewhere with a reasonable government, flat tax rate, English language, and a requirement that you have self-sufficience to move there. The world’s about to get shaken pretty badly, and it would be nice (and personally beneficial) to see the productive people live through it.

    In regard to the poster, I’m also beyond laughing; I’m sorta uncomfortably numb to the whole massive systemic corruption thing. Although, I would also have suggested something like “SEC co-operation” as an option, since the scam clearly had at least the tacit approval of the would-be overseers. Business as usual in Washington, though; not like anything is changing.

  12. Anonymous

    Galt-out to….west side of Costa Rica or Australia. Ive been surfing the Galt-out wave for 25 years, bad thing is it all ways catches up to you sooner or later.


  13. ndk

    Galt-out to….west side of Costa Rica or Australia. Ive been surfing the Galt-out wave for 25 years, bad thing is it all ways catches up to you sooner or later.

    I always grin when I see Dadaism prominently featured in major national galleries. Civilization and the world will always catch you eventually. Great insight, skippy.

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