Links 7/1/09

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  1. asphaltjesus

    That article about servers is being very charitable to IDC. Long ago, IDC 'jumped the shark' and has never come back.

    I disagree with the idea that virtualization has flattened server sales. Most servers spend their time working very little. So, a 5 year old server will do just fine. Also, virtualization produces as many problems as they appear to solve.

    The other reason sales have fallen off of a cliff are the lack of applications that actually can use all of the computing power in a modern 4++ CPU core server. It's hard to build threaded applications and even harder still to write something that can be used across multiple cores.

  2. Francois

    Hoenig's comments were right on the money. It's as if Geithner and Summers had decided it would be a *good* thing to have even bigger banks.

    I know that if I was a small bank owner, I'd feel cheated and betrayed by my own govermin.

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