Links 7/20/09

San Diego menaced by jumbo squid BBC

Forget the Trash Bag, Bring a Towel New York Times. Dumpster diving takes on a completely new meaning.

Impact mark on Jupiter, 19th July 2009 Anthony Wesley. Something may have hit Jupiter!

Does This Mean We Will Be Getting a Pepper Spray Fee? Bob Lawless, Credit Slips

Ketchup and the housing bubble Paul Krugman. Two findings: Larry Summers did say something intelligent once. Eugene Fama, even though he co-authored the famous “Beta is dead” paper after being one of the leading “efficient markets” thinkers, never got over his earlier beliefs.

Bailout Overseer: Banks Misused TARP Funds Huffington Post

Reborn masters of the universe Guardian. See the new meme? “Oh yes, there were the real screw ups, like UBS and Citi, but some of the banks are well capitalized and have good risk controls.” Bunk. Where would they be without massive liquidity facilities and the AIG bailout? Goldman ran to Buffett for a costly lifeline. And the fact they needed those to survive puts the “good risk controls” belief in serious doubt.

Fearful workforce claims fewer sick days Times Online

Democratic Health Care Holdouts Worry the Rich Are Taxed Too Much FireDogLake (hat tip reader John D)

Fed’s Lending Ebbs as Crisis Subsides Wall Street Journal

Dismantling the Temple William Greider, The Nation (hat tip reader Joe)

State Tax Revenues at Record Low, Rockefeller Institute Finds New York Times (hat tip reader Dwight)

Bank ‘walkaways’ from foreclosed homes are a growing, troubling trend Cleveland Plain Dealer (hat tip reader John D)

Recession forces a million to work part-time Telegraph

India Will Resist Pressure From U.S. on Carbon Emissions Caps Bloomberg (hat tip reader DoctoRx)

Insiders cannot provide answers on finance Philip Augar, Financial Times

Antidote du jour (hat tip reader Barbara). Three lion cubs feed on the milk of a dog after their mother abandoned them after birth, at the Safari Park in Hefei, China:

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  1. Carolee

    The picture of the dog nursing the lion cubs is actually a picture of torture.

    As a Vet nurse, I can tell you that the little dog is suffering.

    She is chained and forced to feed 3 animals, at least, that would normally have been weaned by their weight.

    I know that you thought this was cute, but my guess is that the dog is probably already dead or suffering terribly.

    This is a Chinese Zoo, this is the country that serves Dog at the dinner table.

    This dog may also be food for the lions in more ways than one. Disgusting site! Please take it down.

    There have been protests to the Telegraph as well.

  2. LeeAnne

    Because it cannot be repeated often enough or loudly enough:

    The following twisted comment stands out for its non-informing propagandist kiss up of Goldman-Sachs from the Guardian's Richard Wachman (link above)
    Reborn Masters of the Universe

    "Goldman is thriving, but it suffered a near-death experience and might have sunk if not for the intervention of government," says one corporate governance activist."

    Like -it wasn't the Goldman Sachs branch of government Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson who did the deal -biggest private heist of taxpayer money in the history of the world -who then manipulated profits to justify distribution of a at least $11,000,000,000 of that money to its own employees?

    It would be more accurate to state that '… might have sunk if not for Goldman Sachs' merger with the U.S. Treasury Department of the U.S. Government to perform a heist of American taxpayers on TV through the US Congress for $750,000,000,000 to the accompaniment of the PPT Paulson/Bernanke stock market manipulation up and down to claim, fraudulently, public support, with the right to distribute that amount of money above the law any way that he, Paulson, one single human being, (with absolutely no record of public service other than that of Treasury Secretary straight from Goldman Sachs long enough to oversee the scheme to make itself King of the Hill), personally chose to and secretly.'

    These shady distortions for Corporatist (see fascist) propaganda seem required for employment in the mainstream media.

  3. ComparedToWhat?

    T. Herman Zweibel: "As the longtime publisher of this news-paper, it is my duty and unrestrained pleasure to announce to you spittle-soaked readers that I have sold The Onion and all of its various holdings to a syndicate of industrious China-men from the deepest heart of the Orient."

    America's Finest News Source and Salvage Fishery

    See also:

    Yu Wan Mei Amalgamated Salvage Fisheries and Polymer Injection Group

    More fabulous news — the device is now available for purchase!

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