Links and Reader Notice 9/22/09

Dear patient readers,

I have to drop out for a week. The book stuff is just too much. I have not even looked at Bloomberg today.

I have a hard deadline of next Tuesday (publisher is bizarrely rigid, you do not want the shaggy dog story, but trust me, I have tried every leverage point short of withdrawing the manuscript, they are shockingly non-negotiable), after that I cannot do much save checking the proofread draft unless something really radical happens (like Turbo Timmy steps down) and the publisher decides the book needs to be reopened. I am sufficiently stressed that I am getting short with people who are trying to help, really not good at all, so I need to pull back and focus on the essential, which for the next week is the book.

James Kwak very kindly is sending a care package, that was sporting of him.

I will give you Antidotes and I hope the various guest bloggers will pitch in and help with the slack.

If you have guest post material, consider sending it to Ed Harrison (through Sept. 30) since he has the keys to the kingdom too. He can be reached at (

Thanks for your patience.

Court restores safeguards for grizzly bears LA Times (hat tip reader DoctoRx)

Worm wiggles through weary WordPress The Register (hat tip reader John M)

Is it Models or the Economists? Statement by David Colander Institutional Risk Analyst

Democrats Target Bank Overdraft Charges Washington Post (hat tip DoctoRx)

CEO of International Swaps & Derivatives Association says trust us fancy logo catchy tagline. I have been meaning to write about this for days. Never underestimate the brazenness of ISDA.

Antidote du jour:


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  1. fresno dan

    Please,please, please – you do what is best for you. You owe us nothing, but I am always grateful for everything I learn from reading you.

  2. John

    For someone who provides so much and asks for nothing, please take your time and good luck. One time you mentioned how the video of Secretariat winning the Belmont did it for you, may I suggest you think of his quest for the triple crown and how it ended. Good luck in the stretch run.

  3. YJC

    Good luck with the book, Yves. I’ve learned so much from this blog and will look forward to reading your published work.

  4. chad

    This blog has really opened my eyes to the finance industry. Thanks for everything!

    Take care of yourself, lots of fluids, lots of vit C and exercise. You don’t want to add getting sick to the mix.

  5. Paul H

    Yves, Those who appreciate what you do will stay (and that will be the majority). Those who do not will go and that is best.
    Don’t even feel bad about it for a second – the fact that you will ignore this advice shows what a great guy you are!

  6. DownSouth

    How refreshing to read an economist like David Colander.

    Imagine someone in the field of economics and finance that is honest! Someone who admits what a thorough mess his profession has made of things and what a sham the field has become. Someone who admits just how detached from factual reality all its vapid little models are. Someone who doesn’t endlessly mouth the self-serving inanities about how the field attracts “the best and the brightest.”

    Truly, it’s like finding a diamond in a goat’s ass.

  7. emca

    This blog will still be here next week as it will be the week after and the week after that. The book is a single shot which you’ll look back on in 6 months and wonder who you did it. Finish your book!

    (hats off to Ed, by the way)


    re: book and blog…. Don’t sweat it…. Just say f$%k it…..

    It ain’t the end of the world….. I will always look forward to your comments…

    Best regards,


  9. DH

    I love it … “I have not even looked at Bloomberg today.”

    Chill down, finish the book, switch off the email and ABOVE ALL simply IGNORE the copywriter’s “edits”. I’ve read your posts Yves and you’ve forgotten more about writing with style and aplomb than most authors have ever learned!

    All the best with the book!

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