Nearly Three Years Old, and Finally, A Tip Jar!

This blog will be three years old on December 19. Thanks to all you readers for making it possible!

Readers have often and generously asked about a tip jar. If you have enjoyed this blog, I hope you will consider making a wee contribution.

Inquiring minds might wonder why it has taken so long to implement something so (ahem) obvious. The short answer is that the cobbler’s children always go unshod. Even though I am a good project manager when I am being paid to do so, it is quite another matter when I am the client. Every time I have to choose between an administrative task and bloggging, blogging always seems like a better use of my time from the readers’ perspective. Thus, you are subject to ads for Asian girl dating services and more recently, tips for losing belly fat for far longer than any reasonable person should have to put up with such eyesores (although the weird bit about those awful ads is someone MUST be clicking on them, otherwise Google would not keep serving them).

And yes, I have upon occasion tried getting into better ad networks. One promised a lot and fell far short both on number of ads served; another service wound up putting me through real hell, and then since the book project (March) I have been perpetually behind the eight ball and have done nada on that front.

Another complicating and distressing factor was that the fellow who had been helping with technology and ads (Ed Wright) got busy with client work, and then was discovered to have stage 4 cancer. It’s non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which in theory is treatable (60% survival rate) but he got two serious infections after the first chemo treatment, and has been in the hospital for nearly five weeks. If his doctors can get him in shape to receive more treatments, he will be getting them in a nursing home. Assuming he pulls through, it would be very nice if I could give him a book or two (he is an avid reader) and tell him it was from NC readers.

So aside from getting Ed something to distract him from his chemo, other uses of tip jar contributions would include spending on support to do a redesign, fixing the annoying problem with the recent archives not working properly (this probably entails getting a new webhost, which takes some research) and other long overdue tech tasks, plus doing something nice for the guest bloggers who have been so generous with their support. And I also need to get a site up for the book, ECONNED, by mid-January or so (3/2/10 publication date) and again I am nowhere on that task and need to find some assistance there too…

Some readers had wanted me to take time to recharge. This was reader Earl Crockett’s idea:

While your efforts, and substantial contribution, deserve a subscription fee it may/might defeat the strong everyman/woman “we’re in this together” nature of your site, and it would undoubtedly be more complex to install and manage.

I wish to propose the founding of an “Yves Smith Well Being and Restoration Fund” so you can jet off to the Caribbean Island of your choice on every Tuesday and Wednesday when nothing of substance ever happens anymore [this was during the heat of the crisis, when the cliffhangers took all weekend].

What I’ve seen that might work is a “PayPal” button at the bottom of pages that allows for a voluntary “contribution”. In your case I would put the button on the top. And without “any pride of authorship” I would use the title that I proposed. It speaks to the truth of the matter.

Hopefully I’ll get around to rebranding the tip jar along these lines…but I think getting rid of the dreadful fat ladies is a higher priority!

Thanks again for your support and interest!

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  1. Sukh

    Yves, all I can give you at this time is my utmost thanks for all that you’ve done for all those that visit your site.

    One day, I hope to be able to pay for the benefit you have provided so selflessly.

    Thanks again

  2. Andrey

    Thank you very much for your service,
    I’ve just made 10$ donation, hope to make more in the future.


  3. Curt Peplau

    Yves, thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into this excellent blog. For some time now, visiting it each morning has been a top priority of mine, so I’m pleased to have this opportunity to show my appreciation with a $50.00 contribution.


  4. scott

    I don’t know, exactly, how it is done but I know you can somehow set up a link on your site to and if anyone purchases something on Amazon after clicking through you get a referral fee if they then purchase somthing (I think it is low/mid single digit %). I’m not always able to donate to the tip jars but I do buy regularly from Amazaon and I will click through the links on my favorite bloggers website – I’m saving a few bucks at amazon and my purchase helps, however small, in keeping great sites going.

  5. liberal

    IMHO this is probably _the best_ finance- and economics-related blog round right now, all told. Kudos, Yves!

    Will try to remember tip jar when get back home from work; don’t trust the network here…

  6. Jim in MN


    Great, and happy blogday! I am starting to recommend your book to folks. Is there something ‘sticky’ about it that could be pasted to Facebook or something? Maybe just a short update post to the blog?

    NC is my ‘starting point’ for sweeps through the financial blogosphere. I shudder to think how little the people would know without muckrakers like you, and the trickle of wider media that picks up on the threads from the blogosphere.

    –Jim in MN

  7. Skipper Clark

    $25 and a huge thank you, especially for your antidote d’jour. You’ve moved to my first viewing of the day

  8. Justicia

    Happy Anniversary, Yves.

    I’d like to donate but Pay Pal is a horror (can’t update my credit card info because I forgot my password; can’t change password because I don’t know the number of the old card they have on file.)

    Is there an address where I can mail you a check — the old fashioned way.

    Best regards,

  9. Fluffy

    BTW, AdBlock seems to suppress the ads you mention completely. Never seen a one of them. But sent you $25 anyway, for your GREAT work. Thanks to all who contribute here, spiritually as well as monetarily.

  10. Naive_person

    Okay, that’s $25 well spent.
    It is not that I agree with you always, but I do read your blog before any other news in the morning.

    I know this is not PC, and I am an atheist to boot, but Merry Christmas, Yves!

  11. Leigh-Anne

    Yves, thank you so much for all your efforts. I’ve been reading your blog now for at least 2 years and have found it invaluable. You are my must-read every day. Your commenters are some of the best around also. Love to read the thoughts of Richard Kline, Down South and others.

  12. JasonRines

    Here is exactly what you want to put up Yves: . Let me know how we can help.

    Items such as this topic and assisting you is why I was looking for a phone conversation together. We will still contribute bandwidth/servers come beginning of February.

    Last, make sure on a Donate page to provide individuals with the street address so users can send in check contributions to NC.

  13. Ellen Farmer

    Love to send check! Have learned soo much from your articles. I check your sight every day. I’m in the heath care field and was (before reading your blog) clueless on economic issues. Looking forward to your book.

    Ellen Farmer

  14. curlydan

    I used to search in vain for that darn tip jar. Good to see it appear, finally. Got to pay the bills (especially for all the midnight oil you burn)

    You might want to put a note that Yves Smith’s name is not going to come up when you make a donation although at least NC will pop up in the confirmation email.

  15. john bougearel

    To the cobbler’s daughter,Yves, I for one hope you find your tip jar/xmas stocking overflowing this xmas season. Big Huge Hugs to you for all the love you pour into this blogsite. All that love you give this blog flows right into our veins.

  16. psychohistorian

    I am glad to see you giving readers a chance to help monetize your blog. I will help as I can.

    Keep up the good work. Here is to hoping you/we can make a difference.

  17. psychohistorian


    I as well wish a snail mail address and “legal” name for my check.

    Please and thank you.

  18. emca

    Eh, it takes you 3 years to add a tip jar and now you expect donations?

    Ok, I’ll spot you a 20. My furry friends (better know as dogs) like your pictures of squirrels – and your probably a nice person. I’ll just have to eat beans here next week, but what the hell, they’re better for your health (keeps you from being a fat person in the ads)…your cake does look good though :p .

  19. Glen

    I’ll buy a copy of your book instead Yves. When will it be published in Australia?

    Anyway, congrats on 3 years and on having one of the most influential sites – you even made this list of ‘Most influential economic blogs’ in the Weekend Aust Financial Review! Take care and have a merry Christmas and a most excellent new year.

  20. Swedish Lex

    Congrats and of course thanks for the thoughtful, inspiring, insightful, daring and never boring post. I will send you a contribution of the fiat kind or perhaps something liquid from France. What would you prefer?

    You can always in addition send a big invoice to big media that so many times have recycled your material without ever paying any due.


  21. citizen bagholder

    Thank you, Yves, for the immense task you have undertaken for these last three years. You are a bright, shining light.

  22. ann myers

    Yves –

    Would love to contribute. Can I please send a check? It would be great if you would list a mailing address in addition to the Tip Jar.


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