1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      Nope, he’s just trying to understand economics…excuse me, I am being reminded that it should be ‘dismal science.’

  1. LeeAnne

    I should have said why you so often celebrate dozing animals. Excuse the word hero –so off the mark.

  2. kevinearick

    in the catagory of dozing animals:

    The Failure of Democracy

    The problem is not that democracy has failed. The problem is that the increase in democracy has failed to keep up with expectations. So the kids show up to vote, and the feedback they get is rubin, summers, and greenspan, worshiped by adults like gods. nice.

    Inbred human behavior cannot change in real time, which is why nature has kids. All increases in democracy comes from kids, which can only learn by practice, in play. Continuous adult control is counter-productive.

    In the compliance system, kids are told that Washington never told a lie, before they are introduced to mathematics, from national textbooks chosen by a handful of nexus bureaucrats to reinforce the status quo, and by an army of adults with the do as I say not as I do credo.

    Of course half the kids disengage, and the other half can’t add 2 and 2 to get 4 when they graduate, because they have been trained to think that single frequency, single amplitude clicks control the environment, and that intelligence is stupid. They are taught to deliver the answer the teacher wants, regardless of merit. That’s the economy.

    From the time they leave their bedroom until the time they return, there is an adult processing them to accept organizational control. Of course they are holed up in their bedrooms on the computer, disengaged and distrustful.

    With the greatest level of unemployment in a few decades, there is suddenly a population of adults examining the system. There was a slew of kids on the Arpanet, and there has been a slew of kids on the Internet all along, learning that all they have to do is redirect their participation, and the economy trying to enslave them crashes.

    Welcome to their world.

    1. kevinearick

      sending a kid to school without an independent education, a lot of armor, to take on the nexus as an individual, is criminally insane.

      the only reason I am using my name in this round is because there was a question about anonymous posting.

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