For Those Who Missed Our Trailer….Plus Short Bloomberg Interview

I would normally not do this, but I met some readers at a pub this evening (a very nice chat on a wide range of topics, and they were all good sports about listening to my youthful adventures, like producing a Wagner Ring cycle with Peter Sellars).

Even though I had featured the trailer for ECONNED on the site, no one at this gathering had seen it, which suggests it might be worth presenting again.

We also had an interview this week in London on Bloomberg. I had thought we’d have more time (the interviewer was very nice and later sent a note saying she was sorry the session had been so brief) and I got more technical than I would have if I had realized I the segment was so short.

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  1. attempter

    These days one could approach The Ring as a commentary on the position of today’s power structure.

    Wotan becomes entangled in all of his own scams on account of his drive to have Valhalla (a celebration of death) built; every lie and crime digs his own hole, and that of the gods, deeper; and since he’s never willing to gracefully relinquish the drive to total power, he dooms all to destruction.

    1. Naive_person

      Sounds like a great plot. Now if only someone could cut it down to 90 minutes by removing all that insufferable emoting we’d be set.

  2. john c. halasz

    Actually, for such a short, highly compressed interview, that was aces. Of course, I have some idea of the broader material, but I don’t think you could simplify it in short form to much greater effect. Without descending into meaningless blather.

  3. bob

    Does all of London actually revolve around like that behind you while you are there?

    We need Yves on the Colbert Report. The conversation on Pen names could be a whole bit.

    Colbert- Why do you write under a pen name?

    Smith- Why do you act under a pen name?

    Colbert- I don’t read books, especially books that on the cover claim that capitalism has been corrupted. My gut tells me that’s a feature, not a bug.

    Smith- Well, you seem to be doing well for yourself.

    Suggested steps to recommend Yves for a Colbert report guest-

    Call for information at the Colbert Report Studios at (212) 586-2477. This is a local New York City phone number, and someone should be available to answer it during regular business hours.

    Stop by the studios at 513 W. 54th St. in New York City. Keep in mind that you will not be admitted into the building unless you have a ticket for that day’s show. If you do not have a ticket on the day of the show, arrive early and get in the standby line for a chance to get a ticket. Standby tickets are not guaranteed.

    Use the “Contact” section of the official Comedy Central website. The website is found in the “Resources” section.

    Email the Colbert Nation webmaster at

  4. russell1200

    She really was captured by the concept that Paulson’s lack of fame at the time of the deal was a salient point.

    As if your bank has only been robbed if the act was performed by Jesse James or John Dillinger.

  5. Amit Chokshi

    I saw that interview, was here at 6:15AM and look forward to the longer interview. Bloomberg in general is just like MLB vs single A that CNBC/financial porn is.

    Paulson is immaterial except w/respect to GS disclosing that he was a participant in selecting the securities for the CDO and that I think Fab T flat out lied by saying that Paulson was long a portion when he was not. In either case, at the time of this nobody would have cared if Paulson was involved though. If you told a SOPHISTICATED investor -> ie bank inv manager who should be able to evaluate CDOs that a mediocre merger arb hedge fund manager is playing a role in the selection of the securities for the CDO, would that matter? I bet the egos that most financial people have would have made the sophisticated investor say sure i’ll take the other side of that all day.

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