Links 7/17/10

Flying to Copenhagen after I crash and finish packing (and thanks for all the suggestions!) So links are kinda thin, sorry!

Everest photos ‘confirm ice loss’ BBC

Russian Intelligence Gets Source Code to Windows 7 Bruce Schneier (hat tip reader John M)

The Serious Tracking of Americans Begins Economic Policy Journal (hat tip reader Leferis)

Round-up of takes on the US financial reforms (or just go straight to Mish):

The Dodd-Frank List of Topics, My High-Level Impressions Mike Konczal (referencing Mark Thoma and Noah Millman)

The Underrated FinReg Bill Matt Yglesias

FinReg vs. Wall Street reform Ezra Klein

Overrating the FinReg Bill: In Which I (kind of) Disagree with Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein Zach Carter

Hope Baseline Scenario

Financial Reform Bill was a Stunning Success Mish

Antidote du jour:

Picture 17

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  1. kevinearick

    Death Spiral: The Empire Strikes Back

    They just can’t help themselves …


    Pushing a building boom as the answer again, when it can’t take care of what it has, bankruptcy in the ponzi debt market, full speed ahead, home of the black box economy, training individuals to maintain each other’s digital prison cells, and not a single screwdriver in the tool box. Tech making an offer on government, lock, stock, & barrel, to keep the injections coming. Can’t pull out a cigarette without attracting a flock of seagulls

    San Francisco

    Containers falling off a cliff, so build a new port, to go along with a new stadium.

    The squid is still sucking wealth from communities to cities to states to nations to the multinationals, Rome x million. California has no interest in legal immigration, except to induce illegal immigration, one of its many addictions. The multinationals build the economic slave economy; California pays itself to maintain it. Meanwhile, can’t find a rug big enough to hide all the unemployed.

    In a small town now. You know the type – a child support services office and young girls walking around all over the place, with cops checking the hotels to collect information under the Homeland Security rules. Two years into the “crisis” and they still do not see it coming. Who is paying them not to see it coming?

    Move to another side of those construction zones at urban center choke points. You cannot fight a squid with reason. Gravity cannot think.

  2. attempter

    The real meaning of the Pandora’s Box myth was that (false) hope was the worst evil, and it did its dirty work by staying in the box, constantly alluring people to continue in self-destructive delusions.

    James says:

    Yes, I’m still sticking to my position that the bill is better than nothing. The alternative was sticking with the environment that gave us a bloated, predatory financial system and the financial crisis.

    That was the alternative? And what was chosen instead? Sticking with the environment that gave us a bloated, predatory financial system and the financial crisis.

    And now that system will only become ever more predatory and tyrannical, and the next crash will be vastly worse. In the meantime, we’ll sink into the Second Great Depression. (We need to compile and propagate the real economic numbers, those for the Amercian people, which means excluding corporations and the wealthiest increment, who are stateless parasites. Indeed the numbers must deduct their robberies and vandalism.)

    The longer America delays from achieving critical mass in the realization that this is a terminal kleptocracy which can never be reformed but only destroyed, the worse the agony will be. Indeed, the longer the delay, the less chance the mass will ever be achieved, and the greater the chance we sink into permanent slavery as veritable medieval feudalism is restored.

  3. Jim Haygood

    The Economic Policy Journal article, saying that precious metals dealers will have to report purchases and sales over $600, is overgeneralizing. Obamacare extended 1099 filing requirements to all business entities.

    If a coin dealer purchases a one-ounce gold from you, the dealer will have to obtain your TIN and issue you a 1099 form. But in the case of a dealer selling you a coin, only if you are a business entity (e.g., a sole proprietor) will you be obliged to obtain the dealer’s TIN and issue a 1099 form to them. If you’re just an individual investor, you don’t have to. Nor does the dealer have to issue a 1099 for income transactions, as opposed to payment transactions.

    The 1099 requirements are certainly onerous and obnoxious, but the ‘purchases and sales’ description is inaccurate.

    1. Bates

      The gov will create a massive black market with these draconian measures. Black mkts always spring up when govs become too ornerous…and no amount of digital monitoring will beat black markets. Mr Market always wins…even if Mr Market is forced underground until the vampire squid is off our backs.

      Think out of the box. Job opportunities will be created that few have yet considered…good luck to all.

      1. K Ackermann

        You know why they are doing it, don’t you?

        Gold and silver was the great loophole for money laundering.

  4. spc

    Microsoft makes itself opensource only for security forces. That’s bad.
    One might wonder whether China got their code??

  5. KFritz

    Re: Microsoft code. The danger here is the dependency of critical US defense and infrastructure on MS. W/ the FSB in possession of source codes, it can create very efficient attacks and do large scale, rapid damage.

    On the other hand, if FSB does small scale attacks or shares its knowledge w/ its malware writers, who create most of the world’s malware, as they introduce malware they show Western security researches the flaws in MS. That’s the pattern now, and FSB may just accelerate the pattern–not much more harm done than currently.

  6. MichaelC

    Doesn’t one usually crash AFTER one gets on the plane? (sorry, couldn’t resist). That’s meant in a “break a leg” way not in a hex way, of course.
    I’m not sure you should take a vacation though, its tough enough to keep up when you’re running full out on all 12 cylinders. Pity your poor readers when you’re rested. Enjoy.

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