1. Deus-DJ

    I am smirking, very nicely done.

    Sigh I wish we could really hit them hard by having everyone withdraw their deposits from the big banks…that huffington post thing should have gotten off the ground even more. Keep spreading the message people…get your money and your friends’ money out of big banks.

  2. NS

    Oh! This is really amusing and well done. I’m giggling.

    I agree about moving money. Just one problem. A new class of TBTF is rapidly developing as a few are gobbling up smaller and independent banks; likely in a bid to become new regional players.

    Banking consolidation is a worrisome development but not unexpected. Therefore, RUN to your nearest Credit Union. Check them out including their balance sheets. They are a lot more transparent than any of the banks now. Many of them are also fairing better than traditional banks while most offer a full range of banking services. They are insured at the federal level as well, in fact, better than traditional banks for individuals with their own version of the FDIC.


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