1. Maju

      Absolutely. This blog is a frenzy of mostly great posts (and links) – no need to be so hyper-dynamic, specially when not feeling like.

      Take care, Yves.

  1. Paul Repstock

    No apologies necessary. You do far more than your share.

    Take care of number one, so you can continue your good work.

  2. Dave

    Take it easy Yves, your blog will always be my favourite even if you took a year off, best wishes from a fan downunder.

  3. craazyman

    Take it easy Yves. Tune out, chill out and get some well-earned rest.

    In my own life I have worked myself into a state of total collapse and severe ill-health on a couple occassions. If not for family, I would have been dead. I lost the ability to know what I was doing to myself.

    It’s easy to do for a driven person. Don’t go there.

  4. Antipodeus

    Yes, indeed, Yves, please take care of yourself. We need your regular infusions of frank & fearless analysis & reportage. But we need you to take care of yourself more. Another fan from ‘Downunder”.

  5. Swedish Lex

    Yves – it is Sunday. Take some with by the fireplace with a bit of tea, carrot juice, Champagne or whatever makes you relax.

  6. CLN

    Susan, I’m reading ECONned, it’s really well written and interesting. Take it easy and rest up – hope you feel better soon. Thanks for all your writing (and for the Antidote du Jour, of course!)

  7. Got A Watch

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. And thanks for the Blog, it has been mandatory daily reading for years.

    Maybe a little more relaxed lifestyle is in order. More time spent smelling the roses, so to speak. No point working yourself or stressing yourself to death.

  8. christine

    You shouldn’t apologize for taking a break. You more than deserve one. Rest and have some fun.

  9. Fidel

    Yves, take care and come back strong! Thanks for all of your dedication to this blog and for providing such good material.

  10. aletheia33

    well put swedish lex. sit by the fire or moral equivalent thereof, read an undemanding book or two, indulge in whatever food and drink one craves (or not), allow oneself some pampering by self and others, rest up good and don’t rush back. clearly from the comments here, we want yves sound and whole, not strung out.

    that applies to everyone of course!

    those of my women friends who have had tireless energy that has always amazed me are now, in their mid-50s, finding they can no longer do all of what they’ve been used to doing without rest breaks. last weekend a close friend was astonished to find she had to pull in and see no one, do very little, for 3 days. she is a dynamo, normally. this was a first for her.

    for myself quite the opposite, like craazyman (without family), under too much pressure i crashed and burned–and was down for the count for (yes) about a decade. (no regrets–the lessons on all levels were invaluable.) i learned how to pace myself and how to live in the manner of people 10 or 20 years older than myself. one can be equally, even more, effective that way, with practice.

    our culture does not support slowing down. one has to buck the trend. this should be doable for you when needed, yves, as you can draw on your already extraordinary ability to claim your own perceptual territory. go for it!

    forgive this long, perhaps presumptuous comment (and i hope not too out of place in this forum). just a way to try to express caring for you and appreciation for your great work. please rest and be well.

  11. ex-PFC Chuck

    Yves, the underlying assumption of almost all of the above comments is that you are not faring well physically. However I recall from the Reader Notice you posted Thursday that you were entering the den of the economists for the weekend, whose belief systems you so effectively eviscerated in Econned. Could your ennui be the result of the cold stares and under-the-breath mutterings that follow you around? Hopefully your present company is more forgiving of blasphemers than was the body guard of the late Salman Tasir, governor of the province of Punjab in Pakistan.

  12. AR

    We worry about your safety, Yves. I hope it isn’t a case of aerotoxic syndrome that’s bringing you down. That said, please don’t fly on any small airplanes.

  13. Paul Handover

    Agree with all that has been said ahead of me. Perhaps a suitable, albeit slightly late, New Year’s Resolution is to take Saturdays and Sundays off! Yves,remember your health, physical and mental, body and soul, is all you have. This life is not a rehearsal! Paul

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