Guest Post: Meanwhile, Back In the OTHER Gulf

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The Middle East – including the Persian Gulf – is in the news a lot … rightfully so.

But – unfortunately – there are still many newsworthy occurrences back in the other Gulf … the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are some of the stories from the last two weeks courtesy of Florida Oil Spill Law (click through links to original stories):

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  1. rd

    The first story on the 3,000 foot black blob is a major discovery. We have all been wondering where the souls of our financial sector and Congress had gone to. Now we know.

  2. meanwhile

    Meanwhile… neither Tunisia nor Egypt is in the Persian Gulf, surely the ‘other’ of your ‘OTHER’. Both Tunisia and Egypt are located on the Mediterranean, and Egypt is flanked by the Red Sea. Tunisia enjoys two small gulfs, the Hammamet and the Gabes, which I’m sure you never heard of. These countries are located on a continent called Africa on a planet known as Earth to most inhabitants, except for a small minority who insist it be called AAAAAMMMMEEEERRRRIIICCCCAAAAAAA!, in all-caps with an exclamation mark.

    And to link these two meanwhiles, a word indicating a yet unregistered connection, may we remind ourselves that the political situation in the Al Jazeera countries is mainly due to Western need to control the flow of oil. Among the conveniences of Mubarak was keeping the oil flowing. Now America is preparing for a military coup sans-coup, with a ‘former’ general leading a military backed regime, for a ‘transition’. A transition to what? From the left hand to the right hand of America. From keeping the oil flowing to keeping the oil flowing. Flowing right into the Gulf of Mexico, or maybe into your gas tank.

    Nothing, not the BP spill, not the revolutions sweeping the Middle East, nothing will reroute American foreign and domestic policy on oil. Nothing will change until the people change, until they occupy cities and demand a revolutionary end to the oil economy. But the people are not protesting. Oil is not a dictator, but a helpful friend. They like oil, thank you very much. The only concern is price!

    Enjoy the beaches, Floridians.

  3. Omar's Coming

    It’s old news. My gosh that oil spill happened about 3 or 4 years ago. America has a short attention span. What was the name of that congress woman that was shot? When did that happen, last summer?

    The corporate media keeps churning it out and moves on to the next tradegy.

    I just can’t see this type of reporting lasting forever

  4. Rough Justice

    …And here is Why the oil leak will go on for decades:

    Considering this information – which BP had to have known – was the well intended to tap into the ‘migration channel,’ which certainly would have been an enormous benefit to the States United ? It would have essentially given the S.U. a tap into the same vein that provides Saudi Arabia. But viewed objectively, just for a moment, BP was going where no man had gone before, in terms of depth of the drill and into the ‘migration channel.’ Unfortunately for all concerned, BP was not able to control the monster they disturbed. Whether that was due to insufficient safety on their part, or whether the pressure and volume were far beyond their wildest expectations, we don’t know. BP is in a risky business regardless of their level of corporate governance. Had the well worked, they would be very wealthy heroes to the States United and to the politicos. Energy Independence !..and nobody had to risk their political career voting on anything ! But the accident happened, and now the resultant and long-term damage potential to the S.U. as well as the world, is beyond BP’s pay grade – as somebody once said.

    Given the opportunity for Energy Independence (tragically, unfortunately) the plan is to sue BP into oblivion while the guv’mt powers who decided certain financial entities were TBTF because of their long-term damage potential, just lets the damage continue compounding, while the energy opportunity provided accidentally, is really TBTF.

    I really enjoy your Blog, and learn something important every day from it. Suggest you consider ‘borrowing’ some articles from Mr. Engdahl ( as his insight is legendary, but definitely not mainstream. Cheers !

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