Josh Rosner and Your Humble Blogger Discuss the Roots of the Financial Crisis on Radio Free Dylan

In addition to his weekday television show, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan also has a regular radio/podcast. He interviewed Josh Rosner and yours truly on the origins of the financial crisis, which we both agreed started well before the housing bubble.

You can read the transcript at the site, but it has quite a few errors, and I’d recommending listening instead. Rosner is an emphatic, almost theatrical speaker, so I think you will enjoy the conversation.

Get the podcast here:

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  1. tawal

    Thanks Yves. Wish Josh wasn’t afraid of the “fraud” word. I think the lack of rule of law is the foundation for our state of fascism. Unfortunately I believe that it is going to get alot worse before it gets any better. Wait till they pull their balance sheet tricks with the federal debt ceiling. Lucky for them China is rumored to raise rates; and the weather’s a bitch.

  2. actionmasten

    Good discussion Yves. But seriously, it’s getting to the point of immoral to ignore the big, international banks’ responsibility in this crisis, and the governments’, whom they corrupt. Why don’t we hear anything from the Vatican, the King of Spain, Rick Warren or someone universally respected?

    -atheist expat in Europe

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