1. Richard Kline

    So Yves, you got the sunny day today, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca is a handsome scape when it’s all blue sky. With luck, you’ll be winging home before the Endless Winter precipitates some more. Victoria is a good walking town, as I think I mentioned.

  2. wunsacon

    >> Please chat among yourselves until Ed Harrison graciously supplies some Links later.

    Without you or Ed to supply links, we’re supposed to chat amongst ourselves? I’m not sure what to say or do. This is as bad as the time when Kirk and Spock phasered Landru’s computer on planet Beta III, forcing its inhabitants to start thinking for themselves.

    1. ambrit

      That’s the entire point. Every social system ever devised by humans, (let’s leave Vulcans out of this discussion,) has vigorously discouraged independance of thought. As an example, just look at the educational system here. People who learn how to think for themselves cut loose from the “official version” sooner or later. It looks like Yves and company are trying an experiment here. Bringing back the 7% social movement boys and girls?

  3. headadoor

    What1 You came thru my town and didn’t have a Max type rant. Next time let us know so we can organize a meeting of the new economic underground society.

  4. Jimbo

    Yves, heard you on the radio a couple of hours ago, top-of-the-hour CBS National News rundown. You briefly discussed how bad the parking meter securitization was for Chicago taxpayers.

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