Yet More Reader Updates

We are on our new servers! There may be some issues with the caching which might make comments or other features temporarily a bit funky, but that should settle out quickly. You will hopefully see a modest, or maybe better than modest, improvement in loading speed.

We are also in the process of seeing how to get some breaks now and again like normal people. I had described getting ECONNED written while blogging as a Bataan death march, and the pace has not let up much since then (the world was kind enough to be in a phony recovery in the summer of 2009, which meant I did not miss too much by being less on the grid while writing the book).

I am in the process of seeing if I can set up weekend coverage for 2 weekends a month (that means 2 posts, which can include cross/guest posts and videos) plus Links. That would enable me to get a break and deal with the rest of my life. Lambert Strether is going to cover two days (Sunday and Monday AM) this weekend, so be nice to him! He’s very much on top of what is happening with the various Occupations, so he should be giving some valuable coverage.

Thanks again for your support of and interest in Naked Capitalism!

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  1. Middle Seaman

    A day off is a reasonable solution. (Two days are too.) Although, NC has become an addiction a respite is not a cold turkey withdrawal. Of the guests I find Aurback to be the closest fit. I also read willingly G. Washington.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Hey, you are still going to get coverage! I am relying on you to train Lambert in what NC readers like in the way of posts and links.

      1. aletheia33

        delighted to hear that lambert strether will be coming over here sometimes!
        his blog has become the next one i check, after nc, for Occupation news and views.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I’ve asked my tech guy repeatedly, and some readers had suggestions as to the culprit.

      What browser and OS do you use? The problem is browser specific.

      1. Foppe

        Firefox 7/8 both do it; if I were to guess, it has something to do with the opacity settings. (“span style=’filter: alpha(25); opacity: 0.25;'”)

        1. John

          Foppe is exactly correct about that errant piece of code. Why that is even in there is beyond me. Make sure they don’t forget to delete the closing tag too.
          All the problems bandied about in yesterday’s thread on mobile have to do with the css, the Cascading [underlined and bold] Style Sheet. If your tech people don’t see these at the get-go, they won’t readily solve the problems. A more complete explanation won’t fit here.

        2. Yves Smith Post author

          Yes, that seems to be the problem, thank for saving me the effort of digging through my e-mails to send it off to him. I’m really sorry, I don’t know why this has not been addressed.

          1. barrisj

            The “fadeout” occurred immediately after upgrading to FF7.01, and has persisted until this a.m., when normal viewing was restored…two thumbs up to whomever sorted it!

          2. Jeff

            Yup, works for me on FF, Mac OSX.

            Now the other technical item is having to do “carrage
            returns” or hitting enter to avoid text running blind
            off the end of the window on the right.

            This may be my font settings I admit. Although I can never
            get it to go away.

      2. mary

        I am on Windows 7 and had the same problem. It was solved by going up to the top (where the http line is) and the rectangular box that has the broken line running thru it – it you click on it and make the change (it is the compatibility button) it becomes dark again

      3. ohmyheck

        Actually, for the first time in months? nearly a year?…I can see the Recent Items List quite clearly. The speed is also amazing! Thanks to you and your techies, Yves.

        1. another

          Same here, ohmyheck. In addition to thanking Yves and her techies, I’d like to thank all fellow NC readers who have donated hard-earned cash to the cause. In particular, any who donated for those who can’t. Unfortunately, I am currently less than broke and am one of those who could not donate. So the least I can do is thank those that did. Thank you all.

          “Here lies Another. Never let it be said that he didn’t do the least he could do.”

  2. fiscalliberal

    In the end,Yves we come to your blog to get your insight on anything you decide to talk about. I would hope we can get to discussing what is being done in regulation to clear up the problems. I suspect the real proglem is we are not willing to prosecute our laws as Bill Black suggests. So – the question might be why have any other than Bankrupcy. Clearing out the upper management, the Board, the stockholders, the bond holders and the investors seems to be the only thing these people understand. In the end we will have a sustainable system with alert investors. They will come to monitor the variables that make sense.

  3. ZeroInMyOnes

    There is probably a story to be told about our FBI being stretched so thin with Homeland Security issues that we do not have agents left over to investigate the banks…..We are never going to have a prosecution if we do not get enough agents to investigate first….

  4. reslez

    Lambert is great, site will be in good hands. Glad you’re able to take some weekends for personal time. Good news.

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