1. psychohistorian

    The ending line.

    “Just because its your fault doesn’t mean that others don’t have to suffer for you.”


    THANK YOU !!!!!!

  2. R Foreman

    Astounding (still) that many of the financial elite actually think this way. May God help our society in where we are headed.

    1. mansoor h. khan

      R Foreman,

      True. May god guide us to understand our situation (in this case to understand how the economy/monetary system works).

      If somewhat larger percentage (maybe 25%?) of the population understood the economy/monetary system the 1% would not be able to play this evil game.

      lack of knowledge = Slavery

      knowledge = freedom (release from bondage)

      mansoor h. khan

  3. casino implosion

    I’ve been procrastinating my own serious shredding for months and it keeps building and building….maybe today….

  4. Bill

    No need to shred , just let it dry a little longer and crunch it up . Tastes better that way and takes up less space too. Save on baggies and mason jars . Its the Austere thing to do .

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