1. psychohistorian

    I realize the world revolves around NYC and us West Coasters will never get a chance to get our copies of ECONNED signed by the author but I want to throw out a challenge to all Portland, OR NC readers to have a get together as well to make a holiday to make a toast (water for me) to this wonderful community.

    Any takers? Any Date/Time/Place suggestions?

    1. psychohistorian

      Foolish me, one too many “to make a”s

      Not enough holiday cheer….just back from Occupy Portland “Town Hall” gathering at same time as the “real” OP folks are trying to occupy another park and the riot gear police are out again.

      One of the thoughts captured at the Town Hall was to move beyond the Occupy meme where it has poisoned local opinion because of fascist press like the Oregonian.

      The energy that the Occupy movement started will not die but must be transformed so that the rest of the 99% feel comfortable participating……patience grasshopper, the genie is not fully out of the bottle yet but assures us she will never go back in.

  2. Nathan Tankus


    I’m home december 15. gahh. i wish you scheduled this a week later… alas i guess i must suffer and remember the august meet up over a year ago fondly.

  3. Lady Bug

    Bummer – NYC is too far from New Hampshire for a meetup. But Boston is well within reach. Yves, do you have plans to visit Boston next year?

    Cheers to the NY Naked Capitalists – have fun!

  4. Ms G

    This happy event gives new meaning to “blind date” ;) Secret password is “quelle surprise,” right? A bientot!

  5. Chirag

    Sounds great, I may just show up! Hopefully it won’t be too intimidating meeting and interacting with all the great minds that write here, seeing as how I get the bulk of my knowledge on economic/financial matters from this site.

  6. freedomny

    Wow – that actually sounds like FUN! Can’t go as I will be on the West Coast next week…but…would be up for any future events.

    Have great conversations and share…

    Banker supporting OWS and ethical capitalism.

  7. David Yaseen

    It was great meeting you last night. I regret getting there late and my consequent inability to find a perch within earshot of your wisdom. Great group of people, though. I remain more convinced than ever that you’re the best thing going (and much better-looking in person).

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