1. Bhikshuni Lozang Trinlae

        Here logging similar envy from the bottom of Mt. Baldy in Claremont! We’ve almost got an LA county NC critical mass!

        Maybe we can invite Yves out west for summer solstice/liberation day (July 4th)?

        Rejoicing in the communion from afar!

  1. dejavuagain

    I am coming in disguise for I am sure the New York Police Department’s Schutzstaffel Unit will be there to spy on us.

    I may wear my costume for Santacon.

    I will buy a beer or Martini in a nearby watering hole for the first person to identify a troll or SS member.

    It also may be somewhat colder tomorrow evening – or visit C21 across the street.

    1. George Balanchine

      Is it really necessary to call the New York city police members of the SS?
      Besides being politically ignorant, it’s just a stupid distraction from more important issues, like…why the Occupy[insert place] movement is for the most part, hopeless.

      1. dejavuagain

        Is it really necessary for Mayor Bloomberg to brag that he has the seventh largest army in the world?

        Is it really necessary for white shirts to beat demonstrators and spray with pepper spray?

        Is it necessary – no. But, we know that the Police Department has its own intelligence unit. We know that they have infiltrated groups over the years.

        A couple of days ago I found some suits on my street and asked if they worked for the City – they said no.

        A few minutes later, I pulled out my iPhone and started snapping photos. One irately challenged me as to why I was doing this.

        I said because they were suspicious characters on my block and I took photos in case anything happened.

        So, he then admitted he was with the NYPD. I said “Is not the NYPD part of the City of New York?”

        So, what do you wish to call them?

  2. psychohistorian

    Cheers to all who attend.

    The rest of us (presumptive sort) are jealous.

    Yves, Be there or be square is so dated….grin!

    The square is the past.

    The circle is the present.

    The triangle is the future or intention.

    Be of good intention for humanity.

  3. linda in chicago

    Somebody remember to bring a cute animal so that photos are ok…

    Only partly in jest–Yves & co are making history; we all will look back on these times one day. It would be nice to have some photos to show the younger generations, etc.

  4. Tom Crowl

    I wish I could be there to meet you! But sooner or later I’m hoping we get the chance…

    Come to the West Coast for a visit! How about drinks at the beach?

  5. ambrit

    For those of us who can’t get up to Yankeedom, mayhaps an #Occupy action at the Galleria in B’ham.

    1. tawal

      Greetings from sandy eggo. Sent you fitty for the cab ride home. Cheers and Happy Holidaze to all! Love, tawal

      Bring on 2012!

  6. K Ackermann

    I’ll be a little late. I arrive Sunday from Oregon. Only in town for two days.

    $1000 suit (all I can afford), $2000 in dental work, various schedules turned on their head (including Christmas), all for a 20-minute meeting that holds the distinct possibility of changing my life in a big way. It’s surreal being able to pinpoint a moment in the future that likely signifies the biggest change in my life.

  7. Swedish Lex

    Have fun.
    Please post a photo of the refreshed NC crowd as an antidote for the rest of us.
    Would help against the euro depression.

    1. citizendave

      I second the motion for an image or three. It would indeed be a good antidote. A big part of Occupy is getting together in person. For those of us who cannot be there, pictures and words would help to convey part of the experience.

      One night in February the police blocked the doors of the Capitol building in Madison so nobody else could go in, and if anybody went out, they could not return until the next day. They turned off the building’s wifi, which shut down much of the communication from inside. One guy named brandzel managed to get a 3G connection with his iphone, and was livestreaming from inside — and he was the only source we could find. It was electrifying.

      Something to think about for the future. Would the presence of livestream equipment change the dynamic of the gathering? Would we want everyone to be able to view it? If someone could get a few seconds of video, to be reviewed and edited for later viewing by the larger community, would it turn anyone off who would otherwise attend if the meetup were relatively private?

      Have fun! I will hoist a glass of red wine in your general direction.

  8. LucyLulu

    Alas, perhaps another time, and a little more warning? Or a meeting somewhere further south for us southern belles and gents?
    Blog with all the details will be expected for all who couldn’t make it. :)
    Hope everyone has a blast!

    Je suis desolee…….

  9. skippy

    Will utter a boisterous COOOOO WEEEEE from my deck facing the east, at the appointed time.

    Skippy… Hope all have a great time.

  10. Psychoanalystus

    I wish I could attend, but at the moment I am in Europe, watching the collapse of the Euro, and enjoying every moment of it.

  11. editor_u

    Lots to do tomorrow, but I want to come by at least briefly (and likely blow my cover in the process).

    editor_u (occasional commenter here and elsewhere (especially Corrente))

  12. Rafael

    I enjoyed the fun party and the chance to meet Yves and some of her fascinating readers.

    I suggest doing another event in early 2012, perhaps as a low-dollar fundraiser ($15-25/person, with appropriate exceptions for the unemployed), at a quieter venue where Yves could speak a bit to the group.

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