1. LeonovaBalletRusse

    Alexandra Lee/Li is made up like a baby-doll whore from The House of the Rising Sun, for shame. Will she end up like Leigh Ann Ramsey?

    Shame on Joe Conason for failing to protect the image these girls (all of them wearing “seduction play” lip coloring/shining, and WHY? Could it be because they already have become “female” commodities in the System?

    1. Walter Wit Man

      I took it as a criticism of this type of sex kitten system. And in general I think this show can be something they can be proud of. They may get the criticism better than many adults and they seem pretty precocious.

      But point taken that sometimes criticizing by mimicking can be dangerous . . . . kinda how I started out saying ‘oh no you di’int’ as a joke, but then started saying it for reals . . .

  2. Kathi Berke

    What is your problem? If he didn’t include females, would you crucify him for gender bias?

    If you, as NC readers, can’t get past the image to hear tiny distillations of talking points and media obsession: “Obama booed in Boston [well-known as bastion of racial harmony–what does that mean?” “Mitt Romney as job creator” “Yeah he fires people” “The President has as much to do with the economy as the Queen of England”

    then don’t pillory others who can’t get past images, also.

    If you really care about gender issues, make sure your wives/sisters/daughters have good health care and reproductive choice, get thee to Mississippi.

          1. LucyLulu

            Ditto three.

            Have you seen all the female anchors hired by Fox? They look like they could be twins. Young, blonde, low-cut shirts, and the dumb-blonde stereotype. Which one graduated from Stanford grad (law?) school but had to look up the meaning of “tsar” and other common words in the dictionary?

            I thought the comment about the puppets, with the hand gestures, was hilarious.

  3. howard in nyc

    there is a big difference between letting little girls play dress-up to make a joke video, and using a daughter as a chronic pagent contestant/featured performer on that show ‘toddlers and tiaras’.

    clearly as a middle aged black male non-parent i am supremely unqualified to speak to this issue, but i have no problem with this three-minute cute joke. the sexualization of children on disney tv shows, and in (other) advertising, otoh, is where my discomfort and objection starts.

  4. Susan the other

    I loved it. It didn’t exploit the girls by sexualizing them. It exploited them to read their lines; to poke fun at talking heads. What’s not to love?

  5. LAS

    Gotta hand it to the young women … they were quite as informative as the Big pundits and swifter to the point. Altogether an improvement.

  6. LeeAnne

    Parody? sounds like The View to me.

    There isn’t too much left for main street TV to do but parody itself.

  7. JTFaraday

    Very money honey– but they’re reading from the script! I want to hear what they really think.

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