Occupy Tampa Welcomes the Republican National Convention

Occupy Tampa is preparing for the Republican convention. As I understand it, they will be allowed to use the Voice of Freedom park and are hosting the Food Not Bombs World Gathering starting tomorrow (technically, they have been evicted, but the eviction is not effective until after the convention). You can follow them on Twitter at fnbsouthflorida.

Not surprisingly, on Friday, police starting blocking roads and stopping and searching cars all over the neighborhood surrounding Voice of Freedom Park, which is a black, low income area. It’s common for raucous parties to spill out into the streets on Friday nights but all of a sudden the authorities have taken in interest in shutting them down with a huge police presence.

Below is a photo of one of the placards:

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  1. R Foreman

    So which group is co-opting which here? I don’t see that their agendas necessarily work together. Republicans are the party of super-wealth and 53% wealthy wannabes, while the Occupiers just want to tear down the Wall (for just reason).

      1. R Foreman

        My comment was more a rhetorical statement to the 53% to stop supporting their persecutors. Eventually they’ll figure out who is causing all the problems, but hopefully not too late to take positive action against them.

  2. C

    Even better the police chief has also announced that they will adopt a policy of “getting people out of crowds before they cause trouble” So it won’t be just a huge crackdown it will involve the kinds of snatch and grab arrests (where officers barge into an otherwise peaceful crowd to grab some random schmuck for looking funny) that worked so well in New York (sarcasm).


    But hey the NYPD can learn they recently declined to defend the pepper spray cop. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443866404577565341948999820.html#articleTabs=article

  3. dan

    this is the ‘season’ for’ full bloom ‘of the police state…local and federal with US and foreign troops playing a supporting role…’free’ speech allowed miles away from the rnc and dnc show case’s…traitors outside and inside..as the Constitution is trashed…live via msm news stations in the comfort of your living room….the bread and circus begins in earnest

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