Police State Watch: NYPD to Install Checkpoints, Demand ID in Lower Manahttan on OWS Anniversary

Since when are Americans required to carry and show ID to the police to go about their daily business? Apparently since the 1% became sufficiently afraid of the 99% so as to regard the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to assembly and free speech as security threats. This notice gives a flavor of what to expect for the September 17 celebrations of the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (click to enlarge; hat tip nathan):

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  1. Howard Beale IV

    Truly disappointing. Perhaps a jingle to the NYPD public relations head and/or Mayor Bloomberg is called for?

    1. Warren Celli

      Perhaps we should not jingle the foxes at all and instead look at Bloomberg and the cops for what they really are…

      The ‘good guys’ are the bad guys! Shun cops! They are self serving sell out traitorous scum bags!

      When the government is crooked,
      The cops are too,
      They are the 1%’s muscle,
      That oppresses you!

      That we exist in a system of immoral Forced Complicity Crimeunism operated and controlled by the Xtrevilist sociopathic few is no longer in question. It is well past time to create a most complicit rating system of Forced Complicity Crimeunism occupations and shun those at the top of the list. Cops and sell out media shills should top that list and they and their families should be shunned and shamed. They protect and serve only the rich and in so doing they aid and abet creating the conditions that create more crime than they could ever hope to prevent.

      They are not brave at all, they are moral cowards, front line soldiers for the rich against all of the rest of us in the now blatant class warfare and low brow gullible butt sucking stupid to boot!

      Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

      1. steelhead23

        You are absolutely correct. But be aware, the police are also a monopoly enterprise. They can arrest us. Increasingly, they can also assault us for little reason – effectively denying us our rights to due process, serving as judge, jury, and pain dispensers for the 1%. Until they turn their shields toward the 1%, they neither have nor deserve our respect.

      1. skippy

        I can remember in the 80s, the boys in West Hollywood putting pink stamps or stripes on folding money, signifying their voice, power of their spending power.

        skippy… sort of a citizens united approach… eh.

    1. ambrit

      Reminds me of the fabled west coast ‘consumers strike’ against an electricity rate hike where people paid their bills off in bags of pennies and demanded that the teller count the payment out right there in front of them. It worked too.
      How about some of the Manhattan ‘underground types dressing up like Marlene Dietrich and Conrad Viedt and staging the famous “Interrogation Scene”:
      Brave Resistance Woman: “You know, I’ll never talk.”
      Nazi Officer: “Yes you vill. Ve haf vays uf making you talk. Und zey are not, pleasant!”
      Brave resistance woman glowers back.
      Nazi Officer: “Muldoon!”
      Unterofficer Muldoon: “Jahvol mein Herr!”
      Nazi Officer: “Call Gauleiter Bloombergs office und tell zem zat ve haf apprehended un agent for Occupy!”
      Unterofficer Muldoom: “At once Mein Herr!”
      Meanwhile, just out of frame, the ominous sound of drumming is heard.

  2. Ms G

    This is big news. Thanks Yves for the alert. I had not heard a whisper about this, nor seen any warnings in any of the shlocky local media. I wonder if NYPD is planning to entrap anyone who ventures downtown without an ID while unwise to the ID requirement. This would constitute a massive escalation of the military police state in the original OWS-occupied cities. This is terrifying.

    1. Ms G

      It is no secret anymore that DHS has taken a lead role coordinating the militarized police responses to OWS across the country. So it is not unreasonable to posit that nothing the NYPD does anymore with respect to security offensives in the city is done independently of DHS and FBI involvement. DHS and FBI have personnel embedded in the NYPD now. And the “terrorism” they’ve been visibly “fighting” has been of the local, peaceful, citizen protest variety.

  3. Howard Beale IV

    If the NYTimes, between now and Monday, doesn’t say one word about this, then they can no longer be trusted at all with anything they report. Period. Full Stop. They are nothing more than stenographers.

    1. Ms G

      Ditto for the equally untrustworthy NY Post, NY Daily News, Village Voice, WSJ (at least on municipal issues that may offend Tinpot Tyrant Mike Bloomberg and his Police Commissioner, which would include any slights about Mike’s own private army.)

      1. C

        I agree. If Pace University has been informed then it would seem that organizations with downtown offices have been told. That would lead one to suspect that some of those fine ‘news’ organizations have also been told. Though not as a story merely as a “precaution.”

        I fully expect we will see stories about it but only after the fact whether because the story is embargoed “for security reasons” or because they are just lazy and won’t report on it till they themselves hit the checkpoints.

        1. Ms G

          … or they (local media) will report on it to laud NYPD for 100s (1000s?) of arrests of lawfully-walking civilians for failure to present IDs and then having the (insubordinate) gall to ask for an explanation as to why one is needed.

    2. Bob III

      Jeez, new around here? Thirty years ago, Sidney Schanberg, former NYT City Editor, summed up the Times as “a shopping guide for yuppies.” These are the people who brought you the Iraq war. They fulfill the original sense of “parasites” in Roman times, who sat at the nobleman’s table and earned their meal with witty banter and flattery.

      1. Ms G

        Wow, didn’t know about the Sidney S. remark (30 years ago, no less!). Thank you for bringing it back so timely.

  4. Buckethead

    Seems like “Police State Watch” doesn’t quite cover it, maybe it should be “This Week in Your Police State”. I guess as long as your papers are in order you have nothing to worry about, comrade.

  5. Paul Tioxon

    Welcome to voter IDville. Billionaire and Independent Mayor B, gee no legacy party taint. I wonder where the faint whiff of the jack boot of oppression comes from… could it be capitalism!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHHA The rule of law strikes again.

  6. JB McMunn

    So you don’t need ID to cast a vote for the most powerful public offices in the country but you do need ID just to walk the streets?

  7. indio007

    I suggest everyone leave “ID” at home. Tell the cops your face is your ID. If a crime is committed they are going to have to pick out the man or woman not some piece of plastic.

    1. Stan Musical

      I listened to a minute and had to stop, the “speaker” is unlistenable. Maybe she should have practiced her speech once before delivering it. Too bad as I’m sure the content is worthy.

      And screw Youtube, like any other great web-based things it’s been bought out and corporatized. First you had to be with gargle, facefook, yayhoo or some other mega-corp to belong or post comments, now you need to create a channel to do one. I mention this all because it mirrors what’s going on in NYC and the country as a whole, corporate fingers every-f’ing-where.

      1. diptherio

        “I listened to a minute and had to stop, the “speaker” is unlistenable. Maybe she should have practiced her speech once before delivering it.

        WTF are you taking about??? She’s quite polished.

  8. slurppy

    You are overreacting. They are no doubt just making sure that no one is down there drinking a large soft drink.

    I mean slurpies in public and everthing! eeeuuu! Can’t have that. And there might even be Softdrink Dealers down there plying their hideous trade. Enough is enough!
    Quite right to crack down.

    Seriously, you liberals wiere out there cheering when Bloomy ban smoking and decided that the .1% of the adult population who ride bicycles were more important than the adults who drive cars. You did not bat an eye when BLoomy bought his way out of term limits. Did you think that it would end there?

    So it is with “useful idiots”, and they abound hereabouts. You wanted the “Nanny State, right? Well you get a police state out of the deal.

    (Bloomy is perhaps the absolute worst Mayor NYC has ever had. He is like an intelligent Dinkins, and not half so lazy.)

  9. Rob

    Don’t underestimate the NYC cops….if you don’t have your ID and happen to have a 64oz cola on you….they might just shoot you…accidentally of course…..Bloomberg is a fascist.he is making NYC safe for the uber rich…everyone else,be dammned.he didn’t mind changing the law for term limits,but he is for law and order for everyone else….
    NYC cops profiling Muslims,outright…that ought to be illegal..especially since they are arrogant enough to say..yeah, that is what we are doing….the cops ought to go to jail.they have no problem frisking 750,000people,because a few people have firearms…..the vast majority of people were not carrying firearms,they did no crimes….it is a clear violation of the 4th amendment….like that matters anymore…now,they are instituting a British style surveillance system city wide….the bill of rights is dead…the revolution is officially repealed…….NYC is America’s first real police state….the rest are on the way….
    We are living in interesting times.even though history is rife with bad examples of abusive gov’t.Now there isn’t even the pretense of trying to fit within the context of the American way.the rubicon is that river back there we crossed a while back…..

  10. LeeAnne

    As I write this I’m having second thoughts about going down to the Farmers Market at Union Square today which I had planned to do. Something I’ve done most Saturday’s when I’m in town.

    I just remembered that, last week as I turned the corner to go down the stairs to the subway platform at Union Square, I was shocked by a big red light blazing in my direction. It came from an NYPD scooter planted up against the wall with a beefy cop standing at attention beside it. It was so CREEPY. I had to actually walk past them to go down the stairs. And CREEPY to recall it now.

    I plan to resist any demand by anyone on the street, uniform or not, having been stopped years ago on a beautiful day like this outside MOMA by a small female cop. I cooperated (we’re used to showing the inside of our bags, but not on the street -so I responded quite automatically) until I was stopped in my tracks by her for another look. Then I freaked and reacted. There were no consequences for reacting but I’d rather be prepared should there be a next time. Because I will not cooperate. Its time for resistance.

    I’d like to know exactly what to say. I remember a YouTube where a guy refused a TSA search successfully. He politely but firmly stated that he was ‘standing on my constitutional right not to be searched …” words to that effect.

    I may avoid going downtown today. I’m not feeling well.

  11. LeeAnne

    The tactics being employed have been organized by the Drug Wars, US Drug Prohibition Policy enforced globally by the UN. All 190 nation signataries are REQUIRED to enforce US policy including forefeiture regulations? laws? These laws circumvent and have circumvented domocratic governments from the beginning with the claim, as in NAFTA, that international treaties are beyond the scope of US law like the Congress. The ‘people’ do not count in any nation/state in the world. Our current predicament has been in the making for a long long time.

    Countries of all kinds go for this control, because the governments themselves, regardless of politic persuasion, be it royal, democratic, or tyrannical, LUV power over the people; the more surrepticious like the need for ‘drug prohibition,’ the better.

    Following is the Orwellian language used by the UN drug agency to describe its purpose, which of course excludes their complicity in enforcing US drug prohibition policy along with militarizing and building police agencies from the extreme right all over the world.

    “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is a United Nations agency established to assist the UN in better addressing a coordinated, comprehensive response to the interrelated issues of illicit trafficking in and abuse of drugs, crime prevention and criminal justice, international terrorism, and corruption. It is a UNODC is a global leader in the battle against illicit drugs and international crime.

    The UNDOC, originally known as the Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention and was established in 1997 through a merger between the United Nations Drug Control Programme and the Centre for International Crime Prevention. In 2002, it was renamed as United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

    The UNODC operates in all parts of the world through a wide network of field offices. It assists its member states in their struggle against illicit drugs, crime and terrorism. ”


    The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 is an international treaty to prohibit production and supply of specific (nominally narcotic) drugs and of drugs with similar effects except under licence for specific purposes, such as medical treatment and research. As noted below, its major effects included updating the Paris Convention of 13 July 1931 to include the vast number of synthetic opioids invented in the intervening 30 years and a mechanism for more easily including new ones. From 1931 to 1961 most of the families of synthetic opioids had been developed, including drugs in whatever way related to methadone, pethidine, morphinans and dextromoramide & related drugs; research on fentanyls and piritramide were also nearing fruition at this point.

    Earlier treaties had only controlled opium, coca, and derivatives such as morphine, heroin and cocaine. The Single Convention, adopted in 1961, consolidated those treaties and broadened their scope to include cannabis and drugs whose effects are similar to those of the drugs specified. The Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the World Health Organization were empowered to add, remove, and transfer drugs among the treaty’s four Schedules of controlled substances. The International Narcotics Control Board was put in charge of administering controls on drug production, international trade, and dispensation. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) was delegated the Board’s day-to-day work of monitoring the situation in each country and working with national authorities to ensure compliance with the Single Convention. This treaty has since been supplemented by the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, which controls LSD, Ecstasy, and other psychoactive pharmaceuticals, and the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, which strengthens provisions against money laundering and other drug-related offenses.


  12. LeeAnne

    nowhere, you may have noticed, does the UN refer to drug PROHIBITION. Its always drug CONTROL, lest you make the connection between UN protection and US enforcement policy as in UN drug enforcement OF US policy.

    The UN is the global policing arm of US drug prohibition policy. And now police all over the world have been converted for military use; the process in place for decades.

    I wish I had saved the information provided in NC comments about the extent to which Israeli methods and war technology are entwined with US military and policing.

    1. Susan the other

      The best way to control drugs is with the market. You know, that thing that is so dysfunctional nobody has a job anymore. All we need to do is legalize drugs, standardize them, regulate the sale and distribution in a sensible manner and tax them. If recreational drugs were available over the counter it’s even possible that their use would go down.

      1. They didn't leave me a choice

        Yes, but you see the reason for the drug war is NOT to reduce harm from drug use, but to ensure that prisons are filled and police are always paramilitary thugs. It makes no sense to legalise and regulate when you can set up a prohibition and reap all the delicious social control tools it enables.

    2. Rob

      Yes,legalization is the only policy that is rational…..all the rest of this prohibition is just an excuse for other goals.After all who wins with illegal controlled substances that are essentially natural and derivatives thereof?
      Cops,who at the local,municipal,state level get to seize assets.and court systems who get to fine those caught….that pays their salaries.they also get to sell off the confiscated homes,cars,goods,etc.They even get to keep any large sum of cash they find on a person,even if they have no evidence of criminality,they take the cash…..and just assume there was a crime done somewhere…and you have to fight it in court,so you get to piss away what they took ,on the legal profession,trying to get what they took,without cause..then there is the correction/prison industrial complex who gets funding,issue bonds to pay for their inflated cost structures selling infrastructure we don’t need.After all,drug convictions are like a snowball….every pro-drug policy schmuck says ,small time drug criminals are NOT filling up the jails….maybe not, but the people who get busted with a small personal amount of drugs gets fined by the system,who cares not if those fines are paid by someone who has to sell drugs or steal to pay it off…and if they get caught on the ratcheting up of crime caused by the police intervention,then they go to jail….the damage this does to our society is huge….everyone else is who gets their stuff stolen and pawned to pay for the bloated police state…..
      The Feds and all these levels of police also get to sidestep the regular restraints of law,by using drug interdiction as a pretext for searches as well as the special provisions of law that allow. Drug crimes to be ferreted out en-masse….
      Then there is the all out abuse of the citizenry,by aerial surveillance,check points,and every other police state deviancy justified by this drug war….the power given to those who choose to abuse it…..
      Who benefits?
      The cops, with endless additions to their budgets.
      The real criminals,cartels and organized criminals,who run business models based on these unreasonably high prices for what would otherwise grow naturally.thy can then but guns,bribe officials,pay off police,gov’t officials,customs agents and whoever else they need to….
      This prohibition has done more harm to our society than communism or socialism(fascists really are the biggest problem,so the drug war doesn’t equal them.after all. They are the ones who use the drug war to help control the people,and institute these anti-drug policies,as part of a means to hand the people over to their corporate partners)
      This insanity has helped rot out society from the inside.
      nd these NYC cops are just the tools of these international supranational fascists,who are hell bent at screwing all of us and the world we live in.

      1. Stan Musical

        Nice, reasonable, sincere analysis.

        But I’d replace it with: duh, if people smoke too much pot (i.e. more than one joint–don’t inhale!) or take some hallucinogens, they may not be happy as nice work ass off-watch TV-shop-pay taxes drones.

        If they take natural narcotics, they won’t need the electronic- and pharma-based ones we sell them over, and over, and over (positive reinforcing loop).

        There are many reasons for the WOCD (certain drugs), all of them about CONTROL, that’s why the UN screed is accurate.

      2. LeeAnne

        Rob, Every country, 190 of the signatories to UN drug ‘control’ are REQUIRED by US/UN authorities to enforce the same asset forfeiture laws you describe.

        Asset forfeiture laws allow the spoils to be shared with local police, a federal bribe for police to concentrate on drug offenses that distracts them from more serious crimes affecting the communities they are supposed to be protecting. But forfeiture helps expand the Criminal Justice System as in the profitability of private prisons among other unknown unknowns inevitable in a criminal global multi billion dollar industry that cannot operate without participation on the highest levels of governments all over the world.

        “Wachovia admitted it didn’t do enough to spot illicit funds in handling $378.4 billion for Mexican-currency-exchange houses from 2004 to 2007. That’s the largest violation of the Bank Secrecy Act, an anti-money-laundering law, in U.S. history — a sum equal to one-third of Mexico’s current gross domestic product. ” $380,000,000,000

        But banks cannot commit fraud. Greenspan said so. Only unemployed young men and people smoking a joint can be ‘crimianls’, harrassed and punished for victimless offenses, called ‘crimes’ for the profits that generates.

        The ‘victimless’ is an important fact. The ONLY way the authorities can get convictions is by developing snitches; one friend or acqaintence, fellow partiers, against another through entrapment. “Here, try this. Sorry, you’re under arrest.”

        The UN has no military or active police power; their enforcement power is the power to impose trade sanctions. The threat of trade sanctions effects smaller countries disproportionately.

        Recently, after Portugal announced a suggessful 10-year result with decriminalizing drugs, Moody’s reduced their credit rating to junk overnight. That was no coincidence IMO. The only mention I saw in the financial press was that the lack of warning was unprecedented.

        a href=”http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1893946,00.html”>http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1893946,00.html

        1. Rob

          Yes,I did neglect to include the other big beneficiary of the drug war,…..banks….all this laundered money is cash.a number I saw once was a un estimate of an amount of money laundered every year…..it was 600-700 billion dollars….that is cash on the books .Which in a fractional reserve system means they can then lend out fifteen times that amount….cash from drug transactions are a major factor in the pretense of solvency at these big banks around the world and in the US.talk about partners in crime….these big international banks really are a bunch of crooks….and yet the real people in this country are the ones being persecuted…
          This Anglo-American establishment /world wide elites using the UN and it’s rules and procedures and all the other tools of their syndicate,to drag us down the road of their making…..there is no justice…..and that includes the cops new militia role.as well as the strong-arming of other govt’s around the world who might not choose the worst path on their own…just llike the western powers offered those carrots to anti communist tyrants,now they offer them to anti drug tyrants,while using the stick on the enlightened .

  13. Susan the other

    Just curious, when a cop stops you for your ID, after you prove who you are, can you then ask the cop to do the same? Ask him/her to prove he/she is a cop. After all, this could be a very important thing because if a terrorist wanted to infiltrate into the highly guarded area in lower Manhattan, the best way would be to pose as a cop.

    1. Francois T

      If I have to go to NYC that day, I’m mounting my HD GoPro cam on my backpack strap. First cop who wants to play “Guess who’s the biggest asshat around?” will have to ask for my papers under the HAL9000-like stare of my cam. Needless to say that coupled with a WiFi link, I’ll make sure to have a streaming upload link at the ready.

      Could be a lot of fun. A nice zoom of the cop’s face AND badge number…*evil grin* is a great incentive for good manners and professional behavior.

      1. Francois T

        Speaking of video tech, why can’t Occupy use a bit of their money to acquire a batch of quadracopters with mounted cam like they did in Poland during Occupy Warsaw?


        I’m pretty sure some fucker at NYPD or DHS will come up with a made up story stating it is illegal gna gna gna (“Is considered illegal whatever inconvenience us…motherfuckers!”) but at this point, why care?

        The way these gizmos work, it appears that remote control is an easy option to implement.

        Then, let’s see the NYPD scramble like headless chickens trying to find out the controllers.

      2. Stan Musical

        Even better if you mount a tablet on your chest playing the streaming video, that way, also, you may not get your head cracked before the cop realizes he’s on candid camera.

  14. Carlos

    It would be great if OWS demonstrates, on election day. That way NY would have a sound election, with the requirement of a backdoor voter ID.

  15. Lloyd C. Bankster

    If the cops stop me and ask for an ID, I will tell them I’m running late for a Monte Carlo analysis meeting in order to quantify the collective consequences of my company’s event-chain methodology, and the probability curve of the project schedule but first I need to get home to take a 10-minute power bath, where I will soak in wine and champagne (both good for anti-aging and skin softening, as Teri Hatcher swears by it daily).

    And while I’m in the tub I need to make a few video-conference calls to Hong Kong, then whip out my iPhone and spend an as-yet indeterminate amount of time appointing a new global board member.

    If this doesn’t work and they insist, then I’ll remind them who’s paying their salary.

  16. Claire

    “Do not ask me who I am and do not ask me to remain the same:
    leave it to our bureaucrats and our police to see that our papers are in order.” – Michel Foucault

    1. LeeAnne

      Clair, my absolute favorite. I hear it speaking to me often these days. A close second: Samuel Beckett walking with a friend on a gorgeous day. The friend says, is a great day. Beckett response; he agrees. The friend says, a great day to be alive. Beckett: I wouldn’t go that far.

  17. Guy Fawkes Lives

    Our government has just declared war on it’s populace.

    OWS is allowed to protest under the 1st Amendment.

    And FHFA OIS has just pronounced that they will pursue criminal penalties for strategic defaulters.

    Get my gun.

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