Links 2/8/13

Dinosaurs died out ‘within a gnat’s eyebrow’ of devastating meteor impact 66 million years ago Daily Mail (May S)

US north-east braced for 2ft of snow as major storm approaches Guardian. I have to confess to being guilty of going out and foraging. Yes, it is harder to carry groceries though snowy streets, but New Yorkers are really funny about weather events. We have stores full of food which pretty much always remain open through storms, and yet the locals react as if they’ll be cut off from provisions for days, at least based on the way they line up and how full their carts and baskets are.

Data siphoned in Fed reserve hack a “bonanza” for spear phishers ars technica (Carol B)

‘Fragmentation’ leaves Android phones vulnerable to hackers, scammers Washington Post. No doubt Apple PR but that does not make it untrue.

While we are on the subject of Apple: Wall St hedge fund manager tries to force Apple to share out its $137bn cash pile Guardian

We’re going to blow up your boiler: Critical bug threatens hospital systems ars technica (Carol B)

Compounding pharmacies have been linked to deaths, safety failures for years Washington Post

Drug Users Turn Death Dealers as Methadone From Bain Hits Street Bloomberg

Is there a cure for corporate crime in the drug industry? PharmGossip (Francois T)

Does your boss sign off with a flourish? CEOs with big signatures are more likely to be narcissists, study reveals Daily Mail. Not sure I buy this bit of pop psychology, since my father was a narcissist and had small, tight handwriting. But he was not grandiose, as many narcissists are. But get a load of how bizarre Obama’s signature is.

Fire Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann This is the prosecutor who harassed Aaron Swartz into killing himself (read here as to why the case was completely trumped up). NC readers alone can push this over the number needed to have this officially brought before Obama. It’s admittedly just a gesture, but it’s the least you can do to honor his memory.

FSA confirms start of full review of interest rate swap mis-selling FSA. Richard Smith:

90% of IRS ‘mis-sold’ to 40,000 small businesses, which we knew. But now FSA has refined its definition of ‘unsophisticated’ and ‘small’ and I suspect that will push the percentage up not down.

I just love this mis-selling word: it covers anything, from not ticking a box on some pointless form, to stony-eyed industrial scale fraud.

FSA are outsourcing, to the banks, the decision on whether to make particular clients whole – with your foreclosure reviews in mind, I think one might be a bit gloomy about how well that’s going to go.

Horsemeat probe widens after new scare Financial Times. Richard Smith e-mailed an ad of the lasagna product in question. At the top of the box, it says “Deep Fill.”

Draghi holds MacroBusiness

US media yet again conceals newsworthy government secrets Glenn Greenwald, Guardian

‘Don’t drone me, bro!’ Protesters disrupt Brennan CIA chief approval hearing YouTube. OMG you have to watch this. Feinstein is a horror show. If you are in California, PLEASE harangue her. And you can see all the soul-less technocrats in the audience.

Five Questions for John Brennan Marcy Wheeler (Brindle)

Toward the World of Nightmare (I) Arthur Silber. Important.

Obama repeals Magna Carta, asserting powers our forefathers denied to Kings Fabius Maximus. As Chuck L points out, “The writers at this blog are almost all former career DoD people, uniformed and/or civil service.”

The police state implications of Obama’s assassination program WSWS (jsmith)

Obama, drones & death Gauis Publius. Lambert: ” This is the best on drones I’ve seen.”

Letting the police police themselves created this problem Daily Kos. The manifesto, which makes it clear that the ex police officer indeed has a credible case that he was railroaded out of the service for calling out police brutality (Nathaniel). So the cop shooter is running around LA and the cops have shot a lot of civilians as a result.

Major Update – Our Autistic Son was Handcuffed and Arrested in School, We Were Not Notified Daily Kos. There’s a petition embedded late in this story. If it bugs you as much as it did me, I hope you’ll sign it.

Catfood watch

Congress’ ‘Problem Solvers’ say it’s time to commit to compromise McClatchy (Lambert). Simultaneously creepy and lame.

Obama Tells Democrats He Wants a ‘Big Deal’ to Trim Deficit Bloomberg. Translation: I am willing to give up the store to get what I want, which is another line in history books for shredding Social Security and Medicare.

A case to reset basis of monetary policy Martin Wolf, Financial Times. Important.

Is TARP disappearing from Washington’s memory? Pruning Shears

Hail Columbia! City Journal (Lambert). The wages of sin…

16 Wall Street Firms Where Bankers And Traders Really Want To Work Clusterstock (May S)

Who Says Tim Geithner Isn’t Getting a Big Payoff From Wall Street Pals Pam Martens (

One graph that says much about America, and our future: the growth in jobs vs. food stamp use Fabius Maximus (Chuck L)

Antidote du jour (Josh). One of these cats (I don’t know which one) is being treated for cancer. His human reports that the way the Animal Medical Center in NYC treats cancer is more sensible than the way cancer is treated in humans. They seek to improve the critter’s quality of life, not render it cancer-free.

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    1. nonclassical

      …several feral cats have adopted us over 30 years rural living…they have been extremely sensitive-sweet, adopting our dachshund along with family. It is as though, knowing they are ill, they compromise their free but harsh lifestyle, and opt for care they (almost all) once learned to appreciate.

      As they have passed, we trust we have done as well as we could for them..of course they were analyzed, and we knew their conditions. One can learn signs of end being near…spend time with them; that which they have remaining-makes them happy, as anyone can tell….

  1. bob

    From a while ago, quote-

    “In 2008, about 2,000 horses were killed for their meat – the bulk of which is exported to countries such as France, Italy and Belgium – while in 2011, the figure stood at more than 12,000.”

    It’s a liquadtion. Too many manors with stables. Horses, pound for pound, are not “cheeper” to raise, by any measure. They are very expensive, which is why a lot of them are being destroyed. Too many mouths to feed.

    I also question the tax/reporting. A lot of slaugher houses are cash businesses. Need some cash to pay the staff? Two for one if the horse is “insured” and in an “accident”.

    1. IF

      I still would prefer UK horse meat over cow. You never know when the prions become active! But I gather the Brits (and Californians for that matter!) have developed some Typee like taboos. Why are not all animals created equally?

      1. different clue

        I am guessing that in UK and US and etc., killing a horse to eat the meat is considered something like killing a Ford F150 to pull the engine out to use for a doorstop?

  2. Kaz Augustin

    Ref signatures (‘cos I’d be too ashamed to attempt economics in this august company), I think that, as usual, the pop psychologists are confusing narcissism with ego. All narcissists have large egos but not all people with large egos are narcissists. I know this from myself; I have a large ego (and large signature) but don’t consider myself narcissistic…in general company…while sober. Ahem.

    The problem may lie in the fact that psychologists wouldn’t know set theory if it included them.

    1. could be anyone

      Speaking only for myself, I greatly embellish the first letters of my signature simply because after years of keyboard use and weight lifting (not to mention just plain old age) my handwriting is pretty much illegible now, and that’s just about all I can manage. Looks like OBomber might have similar issues. For what it’s worth, I see he’s a lefty too. Just sayin’.

      1. jrs

        Yes it always will be the only way that Obomber could ever be considered a “lefty”, only his handedness. Too bad that seems to have fooled a sizable amount of people in the world that he might be a “lefty” in other way than that.

      2. anon y'mouse

        it’s called “dysgraphia”. sometimes big writing is a function of poor motor control and not narcissism.

  3. fresno dan

    “They put their pessimistic finger where it hurts: GDP doesn’t measure anything but spending as a whole and is useless for individuals. Per-capita GDP, while still inadequate, would be a better measure. Alas, it’s well below the pre-recession peak, and thus silenced to death.”

    But we did give trillions to banks – so the banks are in good shape!!! Because credit is the lifeblood of the economy…and the GDP is UP, UP, UP…all is well.

    “Fire Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann”
    Yes, by all means, we need to start to have some simdgen of accountability in the legal/finacial complex, where prosecutors persecute the poor, weak, and powerless and couldn’t find finanical fraud if it came up and bite them on the ass…

  4. fresno dan

    Obama repeals Magna Carta, asserting powers our forefathers denied to Kings

    “The Constitution is just a “paper bullet of the brain”, with no power except to the degree it lives in our hearts. That love appears to have died.”

    Terrorism has replaced communism (at least communism had nations with nuclear weapons behind them) as the justification for never ending war and the police state. the sum total of Americans killed in the homeland in the last ten years due to terrorism is less than a weekend night in Chicago (actually, isn’t it ZERO?). Of course, the other links show that autistic children are drug dealing master minds that must be led from schools in handcuffs.
    And people tell me I am wasting my vote when I vote for third party candidates…and I tell them they are wasting this country.

    1. Jennifer

      True, but it’s a start, a way to rattle the cage. There are several initiatives about, this is just one. If nothing else the hope is that possibly in the future a similar prosecution might be headed off at the pass if the prosecutor thought there could be personal consequences. Just to tie some links to together Ortiz felt Swartz was worth hounding but was behind some favorable settlements for drug companies, GlaxoSmithKline among others. Doing physical harm to people is not as bad as downloading public documents apparently.

    2. Expat

      I was just thinking along the same lines. And, to some extent, the people we Americans characterize as Al Quaida (admittedly because that’s what some of them call themselves) have becime a political party. Which means that, like Sinn Fein, their political leadership will be part of the government at some point in the future. We’ve seen this before, in other words. Why kill so many human beings if the result is inevitable?

      The thing to remember is that if our DOJ and White House have legalized assassination and torture, the same is surely true of the other side. If it’s legal for us, it’s legal for them.

    3. Nathanael

      The terrorist bombings of doctors’ offices by “anti-abortion” fanatics have actually killed quite a few people in the last few years.

      However, our moronic elites won’t admit that that’s “terrorism”. Because it’s only “terrorism” if it’s done by brown people, y’know.

    4. gordon

      It may well be possible to trace a descent from Magna Carta, the English Civil War and so on down to the US Constitution, as a matter of legal and constitutional development, but it’s much harder to trace the ethnic link. I’m referring to Fabius Maximus’ use of “our ancestors”. Whose ancestors? I doubt whether most of today’s Americans trace their descent back to the England of Magna Carta, the Civil War and the Bill of Rights (the English one). I strongly suspect that most of them trace their descent back to Central Europe, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Latin America or Africa.

      I’m glad to see Americans defend their Constitutional freedoms (though I worry about the military-style weapons), but I doubt the propriety of relying on an ethnic or “ancestral” link which is probably spurious.

      1. gordon

        Though I suppose it’s possible that Fabius Maximus is using “our ancestors” in the same sort of way that Major-General Stanley used “the tombs of my ancestors” in the Pirates of Penzance!

  5. MacCruiskeen

    “(read here as to why the case was completely trumped up)”

    This suggests that you think Swartz did not do the things he was accused of. Obviously, this is not true; he did do the things he was accused of. To pretend otherwise ducks one of the real issue of the case: at least some of the things he was accused of should not be federal crimes. Yes, there was also prosecutorial overreach, but as is pointed out elsewhere, that is far from unique in this case. It is a part of the culture of the Federal justice system, a deep rot that will take many years to do anything about. Firing one guy is not going to fix it. The real focus should be on reforming the laws on computer-related crime.

    1. Majora

      You are quite right that firing one guy is not going to do it. At the very least they should can his boss, too

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      I can see you were too lazy to read the link explaining in DETAIL why the charges against Swartz were trumped up.

      Go read it. You have just made it clear you are part of the problem. You accept MSM labels blindly (“hacker”) and don’t bother dealing with facts. Swartz did not hack anything.

      I’m coming down on you hard because you present yourself as sympathetic to Swartz but in fact are blindly running messaging to discredit him and therefore the efforts to beat back the surveillance creep (justified in large measure by enforcing copyright generally). Swartz is being presented as probably guilty when had he been able to afford his day in court (it cost $1.5 million to defend a normal Federal case and this one was likely to be more costly than the norm given that Swartz was a high profile target, so the prosectors would present more information) he had high odds of blowing the case out of the water. It’s critical to take issue with the validity of the case against him. Otherwise he is a lawbreaker, which in many people’s eyes makes him and his defenders not worth of being listened to.

  6. MIWill

    Hopefully, horse meat does not show up in hot dogs over here.

    Can’t tolerate the thought of ulcerated pig tendons and pulverized turkey beaks being so grotesquely adulterated.

    Tipping point I say.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      To some Japanese (mabye many, I can’t say for sure), basashi, or raw horsemeat sashimi, is a delicacy.

    1. ABC123

      For the next SuperBowl I can only imagine a pastoral setting of whatever local environ applies. For the next SuperBowl lets all imagine SOMETHING ELSE in it’s place is my dream. Something LOCAL. Something PERSONAL. Something REAL for a change, instead of this pseudo “ONE WORLD NATION” bullshit we’ve had foisted upon us by Madison Ave, and which we’ve all quite willingly gulped down with both fists.

  7. from Mexico

    @ “Letting the police police themselves created this problem”

    Despite the propensity of Americans to mount their moral high horses, carried away as they are in their orgy of American exceptionalism, the same situation exists in the US that exists in Mexico. What you have are a bunch of psychopaths running around hiding behind badges, operating with impunity.

    Here’s a video clip of a U.S. Immigration officer gunning down an unarmed 15 year-old boy, standing on his own side of the border, who poses absolutely no threat to the officer. The video was shown in Mexico, but of course ws censored by the MSM in the US:

    Here’s another of Saginaw, Michigan police gunning down an unarmed 49 year-old man. They pumped a total of 46 shots into him:

    And here’s yet another where Houston police shot to death a double amputee in a wheelchair who they said was trying to stab an officer with a pen.

    What I find more disturbing than the fact that there are some bad apples and these incidents happened is the fact that, in every one of these cases, the law enforcement agencies these psychopaths work for circled the wagons to protect them. They threw all their institutional power, resources and influence behind telling outright lies and making specious arguments to deny, minimize, or exculpate these officers for what they had done.

    Another Houston case involved the police beating of a 15 year-old boy who was already prostrate on the ground:

    Houston’s mayor even got in on this cover-up. As the report observes: “Prosecutors and Houston Mayor Annise Parker on Thursday criticized a community activist’s release of a surveillance video” that showed the police brutality.

    1. Nathanael

      Yep. The difference is, according to most reports I’ve heard, the average behavior of the Mexican police is BETTER than that of the US police.

      From what I’ve read, in SOME regions, the Mexican police behave as murderously as US police, but in MOST regions, they just ask politely for bribes.

      But you’re from Mexico — what would you say?

    2. hunkerdown

      Why *is* it so important to the faux left to elect sociopaths from their favorite protected classes to office?

    3. ABC123

      What you have are a bunch of psychopaths running around hiding behind badges, operating with impunity.

      Not necessarily. What I suspect you have more often than not is poor, uneducated police recruits (recruited from the same “base” as the criminals they face) merely blindly doing what they’re told – just as they’re criminal opponents are doing, in the face of overwhelming perceived “life or death” circumstances that either can’t possibly understand.

      Glad it’s not me in the breach. Better hope it’s not you anytime soon.

  8. Haditha, USA

    Congressional acceptance of the arch-assassin Brennan changes nothing. The state has already established extrajudicial killing by secret decree. The murder program was cast in concrete under Petraeus. The Covert Service destroyed Petraeus to resolve a narrow technical disagreement: drone murder or death squads? Petraeus was pulling for old-time death squads.

    This was the last thing they needed to do, the capstone of our totalitarian prison. To reverse this you’d need public happiness on a Mauerfall scale. Even then, there’s no way in hell to get this state under control without the Rome Statute. It’s going to take the whole world to stop this regime.

    1. Fallujah, CA

      This (if you search on Turf War) talks a little about why NCS pulled the Kompromat trigger. Normally this kind of resource contention would be mediated by giving everybody everything they want. The sharpness of the elbows here support the hypothesis that the war on terra’s getting too expensive and it’s gotta be scaled back.

      Although if you like happy thoughts, you really can’t beat the breathless tears-of-laughter comedy of the Dem hasbara that bureaucratic mastermind Barack Obama used his 11-dimensional chess skills to ratfuck Petraeus for being too much of a neocon.

      1. JohnL

        Thanks Fallujah. Not a shock. No one gets a job like head of the CIA without a kill switch that can be activated when needed. The affair was a prerequisite for the job.

        1. JohnL

          May be a decade or three before we learn the truth, but maybe a link to the admiral who was fired in the middle of the Pacific.

  9. Brindle

    Re: “Obama drones & death”

    Drone “pilots” can develop PTSD.

    —“Bryant remembers the first time he fired a missile, killing two men instantly. As Bryant looked on, he could see a third man in mortal agony. The man’s leg was missing and he was holding his hands over the stump as his warm blood flowed onto the ground — for two long minutes. He cried on his way home, says Bryant, and he called his mother.

    “I felt disconnected from humanity for almost a week,” he says, sitting in his favorite coffee shop in Missoula, where the smell of cinnamon and butter wafts in the air. He spends a lot of time there, watching people and reading books by Nietzsche and Mark Twain, sometimes getting up to change seats. He can’t sit in one place for very long anymore, he says. It makes him nervous.”—

      1. Brindle

        At least Bryant comes across as more in touch with basic humanness than Obama. I doubt Bryant will make drone jokes about killing the suitors of his daughters (if he has any).

        I think more and more people are seeing that Obama is a disturbed individual.

          1. Brindle

            I have made a conscious effort over the last 3 years to watch as little of Obama as possible—for having noticed a similar mask/appearance as you do. He gives me the creeps.

          2. Doug Terpstra

            Ditto to Brindle, Lambert. I feel visceral revulsion when I see Obama’s face and hear his voice, a mental gag reflex. But I’ll try sometime, maybe during the grand sequestration bargain, when he sells the a new Soylent Green industry as progressive stimulus. There must be a serious Karmic price to pay for habitual murder and deceit, eventually, though Karma has been seriously negligent of late.

    1. anon y'mouse

      i don’t think Nietzsche is the right thing to read if you feel “disconnected from humanity”.

      1. Expat

        Not for comfort, for sure. But his notion of nihilism is rampant — if you consider that not just God is dead but all the other worthwhile institutions of our past are dead, too. Maybe Nietzsche could be considered a “reality check”?

    2. ohmyheck

      What really creeped me out about that article was what was written about the female drone pilot. Her lack of compassion and “all in a day’s work” attitude is hair-raising.

      I would say that the generalization that women are more compassionate and less violent than men has been dispelled.

      1. Kaz Augustin

        There’s an old book out by a journalist, Eileen Macdonald, who interviewed female terrorists. She completely debunked the myth that women join terrorist organisations because of romantic links with men who join, or because they are too overwhelmed by brainwashing, coercion, etc. The name of the book is, appropriately enough, “Shoot The Women First”, which was the advice from a German counter-terrorism expert back in the day.

        I feel that, as the nurturers of young, females are much more pragmatic and ruthless towards non-family actors when the survival dynamic, or a facsimile thereof, is at play. And I say that as a woman.

        1. ABC123

          Indeed. I would think the “true believer gene” would be most strongly expressed in the sex with the most vital interest in it’s expression.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        i believe a dead person still have rights.

        For example, his cemetary plot belongs to him, even in death and no one can build on it.

        If a dead man can have rights, surely a fetus can too.

          1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            There are more entities having rights than we can imaigine?

            Human righgs.

            Animals rights.

            Dead people rights?

            Fetus rights?

        1. reslez

          Cemetaries are razed and graves relocated all the time. Apparently society believes some rights (those of the living) are more important than others (those of the dead).

      2. ABC123

        EARTH has final rights! You were born here of HER elements, and it is to HER you will return soon enough. Raise NO MONUMENTS WHATSOEVER to your sorry ass, lest momma Gaea knock them right back down again all too soon enough! With NO APOLOGIES WHATSOEVER to Capitalism, Communism, or WHATEVER OTHER sort of Humanism bullshit one wishes to espouse.

    1. Lambert Strether

      Arthur Silber is a classic old-school blogger. That also implies he needs such support as readers can give, because that “blog and grow rich” thing didn’t work out so well.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        He’s right about this – If the woman’s body did not exist, neither would the fetus. Only the woman’s existence makes that of the fetus possible.

        By extension, if nature did not exist, neither would humans.

        1. ABC123

          But then again, if humans didn’t exist, neither would blogs, and neither would discussions of existence in the first place.

          Question: If we didn’t exist to contemplate our own existence, would we even actually exist? Yeah, I know that question’s been asked a few million times before already, but still it remains.

          But then again, when a mere “animal” co-resident of this planet we live on simply does what it does without our explicit “approval,” why do we somehow in our “human superiority” consider that to be threatening?


          Finally, WHO will speak for “mere animals” once “mere humans” have lost their voice? Better PRAY it’s SOMEONE!

  10. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Growth in jobs vs food stamp use…

    With GDP sharing (among all, as in all for one and one for all, and also known as Three-Musketeersism), we need not worry about jobs, as even the unemployed continue to keep their equal shares – they’re still contributing by their joblessness, as that means a more efficient economy.

    Perhans then, we can slow down the war on Nature.

    Under the current systme, every time the 0.01% take too much from the 99.99%, we launch another offensive against Nature under the guise of stimulating the economy to create more jobs.

  11. Doug Terpstra

    “Sensitive details on thousands of banking executives lifted from a hacking involving the [Criminal] Reserve represent a potential “bonanza” for spear phishers . . . a security researcher said.”

    “Anonymous’ report “contained details from a [Criminal] Reserve-related database that Anonymous-affiliated hackers claimed to breach on Sunday. It included 31 fields, including home addresses, e-mail addresses, login IDs, and cryptographically hashed passwords.”

    Sounds like a target rich report for public-spirited, altruistic vigilantes.

    1. Nathanael

      Which was probably the point. I haven’t seen the database myself, but we can hope that it was widely distributed to the sort of vigilantes who want to see justice inflicted upon criminal bank executives.

      1. hunkerdown

        Let’s hope whoever did it doesn’t suffer the same kangaroo court as he who brought us the Stratfor emails.

        There’s an interesting discussion to be had, though. Should hacktivists aim to expose individuals responsible for misconduct under color of the organization, or concentrate on evidence within the organization? I do admit that piercing the employment veil against some targets is mighty appealing, in a vaguely prurient sense.

        Someone wrote above about Petraeus and his kill switch. Like the old saw about banks whose prime qualification to loan you money is that you don’t need it, a person without discretionary recourse is less employable.

        1. different clue

          If regime lawyers and so forth see that Ortiz and her superiors pay a terrible personal price for their roles in engineering Swartz’s suicide, the depth of their personal misery (if they can be made to suffer the misery they deserve) might scare other regime lawyers out of taking part in the next engineered suicide of a digital activist that the regime tries to task them with.

  12. JTFaraday

    re: Does your boss sign off with a flourish? “get a load of how bizarre Obama’s signature is.”

    Well, I have a grudging admiration for Bam’s cartoon aesthetic. OTOH, WTF Jacob Lew?

    “If Mr Lew is confirmed as Treasury Secretary his ‘childish’ signature – which has been compared to a curly French fry – will grace the dollar bill.

    The President joked that he had considered abandoning the nomination after learning of Mr Lew’s bizarre and illegible signature.”

  13. PQS

    The ex-police officer has clearly experienced some kind of mental breakdown. He spent a long time in the military, and then in the paramilitary of the LAPD. How many other ex-military personnel are going to snap with deadly consequences? When are we going to talk about THESE costs of endless war? Couple this with the Global Economic Meltdown, and I’m surprised there aren’t more massacres.

    George Carlin used to have a bit about “Shell Shock” and how now we have incomprehensible gibberish used to describe the same thing, but it’s still Shell Shock, still the same mental breakdown it always was. Maybe worse now.

    1. ABC

      Thanks for the manifesto of Christopher Dorner. Dorner is no different than a lot of us here, except we tolerate Mefloquine better and we don’t go off half-cocked. So-called law enforcement staff are trained to ignorance of human rights. But Dorner might help them get it through their thick skulls why the UDHR grounds human rights in recourse to rebellion.

  14. down2long

    Re The Police Freak Out here in L.A.

    I think, in view of the six or so people who were killed (shot, a woman stomped on, etc. all while in LAPD custody- the most telling quote yesterday was made by a high mucky muck in the LAPD re the shooter:

    “Yes we’re scared of him. We trained him.”

    My first thought was – “Now you know how it feels, buddy.”

    I had a sitch here in L.A. where a formerly rationally tenant stopped taking his meds and went psychotic and dangerous on me and my tenants – pulling his pistol and “racking” it, swinging golf clubs dangerously close to our heads, etc.

    I kept calling the police, who would respond slowly, wait for backup, tenant would leave or not answer his door, cops would leave. No resolution.

    Situation kept escalating, I called, tenants called,the LAPD.

    Finally, after one particularly terribe night where the tenant went around and systematically smashed out all the lights on the propery with his golf club, I called the LAPD.

    They interviewed me, interviewed the tenants,refused to take a report.

    In parting, they told the tenants to “Tell your landlord to stop making this s**t up.” The blue shirts departed leaving my tenants with the same feeling I had developed. “Oh s**t, we’re on our own.”

    Only by convincing the tenant that I also was Nephalim just as he was, and that I also must not reveal it to “others” either, but that he was standing in the way of The Plan.

    He said, “Do you know how bold it is to say that to me?” I concurred, we reached rapprochement, I hired him a mover, and he finally, after eight months, moved.

    We live in a very scary city.

    Just as in Chicago, or anywhere in America, the police here are not concerned with daily killing of ordinary citizens. But oh boy do they hop to and kill anythings moving when they feel a threatened. All of Southern California down to San Diego was at risk or overreaction yesterday.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      They are very good at writing traffic tickets.

      Never a day goes by that I don’t see someone get pulled over.

      I feel very safe that no one in my neighborhood gets away with a rolling stop.

    2. reslez

      The killer’s manifesto had some interesting things to say re: how cops view murder victims as a source of large screen TVs and overtime. That squares all too well with your own experiences.

        1. AbyNormal

          Professor or Hobo ?

          By the external appearance of your knowledge, you have attained (high) ranks and reverence with the people! So seek with Allah higher ranks and closeness by virtue of your hidden good deeds. And know that of these two ranks, one cancels out the other.
          wuhayb ibn al-wird

        2. AbyNormal

          not sure how this ended up as a reply (meant for it to stand alone)
          maybe it was a subconscious ‘profiling’ thang :-/

    1. hunkerdown

      As best I can tell, one doesn’t get to mayor in a large, household-word US city without being thoroughly corrupt. Damn shame, too. I voted for Campbell on the merits when he ran against Feinstein. Too bad he lost, too. He’s a dying breed: someone who governs instead of posturing.

  15. a little tweak here...

    Wow, Dorner’s deft PSYOP is workin pretty damn good on the crack white-supremacist timmies of the LAPD. They blew the papergirl fulla holes, because the poor thing turns her headlights off in consideration of her sleeping customers. If you were like, an attache or a NOC in some sick barbaric shithole, knocking a kleptocracy over (instead of an oathkeeper in your sick barbaric kleptocratic shithole homeland), you would be laughin your sociopathic ass off at the pants-pissing, full-auto panic of the uglies. Dorner 6, LAPD 0.

    Just goes to show – it’s not smart to outrage people who know how to topple a regime. Capisce? ?

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