Blizzard Reader Bleg

FYI, bleg = blog beg, I assume.

If anyone has an informed idea of pays levels of supervisors, managers, and executives (not C level, the C level contenders) in mortgage servicing or big retail banks, please ping me at yves@nakedcapitalism. I know any answers will be very rough, but I just want to be in the ballpark. Thanks!

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  1. ltr

    I do hope all is well with you, in Hewlett, Long Island, we fared well. All shoveled, but the car doors are frozen which is fine since we have nowhere to go.

  2. Brooklin Bridge

    I’m thinking of the families put out on the street in New England by the banks and I dearly wish Yves could simply walk down to the local hoosgow to gather information about the salaries of the vile scum who put them there.

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