Reader eBook Bonus: “Capitalism Unmasked”

Please download and enjoy this ebook, which is a joint project of Alternet and Econ4, an organization of heterodox economists promoting social change. Its contributors are:

Gerald Friedman
Doug Smith
Lynn Parramore
Paul Davidson
Ed Harrison

Capitalism Unmasked by

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  1. psychohistorian

    Nice set of papers about different aspects of the elephant in the room.

    So where is the social will and leadership to bring about change?

    The pot must not be boiling yet……say the frogs…….

  2. jake chase

    The Friedman piece alone is worth the price of the book.

    Only charlatans insist that economics is about equations. What it’s really all about is history.

    1. kjboro

      Kudos to Lynn Parramore/Alternet and Econ4 for putting this together. Anyone among NC’s readers who might teach economics could usefully assign this eBook to students. Indeed, I’m sure the Econ4 folks would be glad to offer other materials – such as the recent video series — in support.

  3. PaulArt

    The first few pages are a welcome tarring and feathering of that numskull Carter. While I have read some of his burblings on foreign policy he has remained as silent as a tomb on the injustice he unleashed on the economic front. Has anyone read anything close to an apology from Carter for his deregulation crap?

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