Launching Naked Capitalism T-Shirts and Goodies!

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Readers have asked from time to time for us to provide T-shirts so you can let friends and colleagues know you are a member of the Naked Capitalism community.

Since we are chronically in “cobbler’s children go unshod” mode on almost everything admin related, it has taken an embarrassingly long time to get around to your requests. But hopefully the caliber and range of offerings will make up for the delay!

We now have a little shop at CafePress with NC T-shirts (mens and womens and long sleeved) in two designs, a jaunty llama and a fierce croc:

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 11.00.06 PM

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 10.59.16 PM

We also have a range of device covers:

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 11.02.18 PM

They normally come in more colors. I suspect CafePress has had a bit of a run with people making Mother’s Day gifts. For instance, in many of the device covers they normally have acid green and bubble gum pink. To each his own, but the llama did not look so swell on those backgrounds, so I don’t think the current color shortage is a great loss. However, the T-shirts normally are in more colors. Although the colors they have now actually work really well with our designs, they normally have a maroon-ish red and a blue, so if you are really set on those colors, try back in a week or so).

And totes:

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 1.42.31 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 11.06.51 PM

You can find them and more here:

Hope you like the “Money Laid Bare” tagline too, which I’ve been waiting to deploy.

The designer, Maura G, dealt patiently with input from quite a few people who did not always agree, so a big BIG thanks to her, as well as the people who looked at the many versions she devised and gave considerable feedback (Lambert, Lynn, Scott, Kim, Marshall, Nathan).

Our intern Jessica found Cafe Press, which is making the goodies, and I hope you’ll be pleased with their quality and service. They are super duper politically correct: union-made T-shirts (organic too!) and totes. They also print everything individually with state-of-the-art printers and ship around the world. And they have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

And yes, showing that you are a member of the Naked Capitalism community will help us, but perhaps in a different way than you anticipate. Not only will NC readers no longer have to identify themselves to each other by a secret handshake, but on each item we also get a small royalty. However, I have so many people who’ve helped with the site to whom I owe “thanks yous” that I’m likely to spend more on NC gifts to them than we’ll get in proceeds. But it’s all part of the keeping this enterprise moving forward.

I hope you’ll find something you like and display it proudly!

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    1. bhikshuni


      As a Tibetan/Vajrayana Buddhist clergy, I am happy to proudly show my devotion to my other NC “llamas!” and will be able to put the maroon shirt to work too!

      Tote looks great also.


    2. Carla

      Love the T-shirts and totes. Like CB, I hope the next offering is a coffee mug…but not TOO large.

  1. ex-PFC Chuck

    Been here over five years and no one ever told me about the secret handshake!

    1. diptherio

      Well, “handshake” is something of a misnomer…

      Here’s how it works: upon meeting someone whom you suspect to be a fellow NC-habitué, perform the following steps

      1) Place your right hand over your mouth (symbolic of shock and outrage) and your left hand over your groin (representing the NCers natural inclination for self-preservation) and then crow like a rooster (to represent NC’s unapologetic truth-telling).

      2) If the other person mimics your gestures you can be sure that they are a member of the “club.” Now, approach one another and take turns spitting into the each other’s mouths (this represents the sharing of information and links).

      3) Finally, each person places their hands on the other’s shoulders (indicating solidarity) which is followed by a forceful head-butt (symbolizing the hard-fought debates of the comments section) and a swift right knee to the groin (no one knows what this is about or how it became part of the ritual…though some say that it was a deserter from Zero Hedge who introduced this part of the ‘handshake’). Both parties then collapse to the floor (dramatizing the descent or our economic and political systems).

      4) After both NCers have recovered from the handshake and regained their feet, discussion of all things economic and political then ensues.

      Hope this helps, Chuck.

      1. H. Alexander Ivey

        It’s not so much a secret handshake for fellow NCers, it’s the look you give to main stream economists and bankers when they try to BS you about the economy or how banking “works”, that tells the world you are a NCer!

        But the T shirt and tote bag is nicer…

  2. AbyNormal

    oh yeah!dig the croc sneer!!perfect color combo…EXCELLENT WORK
    (i hope ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ is stamped somewhere on the shirts’)
    …aby’ll just have to add her honorary ‘CRAFT Club’ button
    (Can’t Remember A Fu*king Thing)robbins such a hoot

      1. Susan the other

        I wish you could incorporate some slogan like ‘We just want you to know that we know.’

  3. Eclair

    Thank you, thank you, Yves! I have been walking around with a naked iPhone for 6 months and now I can get it decently covered. Phew!

  4. Dirk77

    Appreciate the long sleeve as it’s a drag to put sunscreen on arms. Will you be offering a tan or similar light color? Need to keep cool in the sun.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      As indicated, we can only offer what CafePress lets us offer. But a couple of weeks ago, when we started designing, they had a LOT more colors in T-shirts. So my guess is they had a rush of Mother’s Day orders and weren’t prepared. Check back in a couple of weeks.

  5. bbedway

    This mother is immediately ordering herself the “Money Laid Bare” tote for Mother’s Day; hope that’s a trademark so it doesn’t end up in a Matt Taibbi porn-title contest.

  6. Bunk McNulty

    I was hoping for an appropriate portrait of Yves (perhaps in the style of Warhol?) with the legend “Quelle Surprise!” But these will do nicely.

  7. Justicia

    Love it! I will proudly wear my crocodile shirt and carry my tote bag to the farmers market. Sure conversation starters.

  8. casino implosion

    You should also have one with an image of that little clip-art Monopoly capitalist guy, wearing only a cartoon barrel.

    1. Kim Kaufman

      Good idea. Or Uncle Sam naked wearing a barrel. There’s more wrong with this country than just the capitalism part.

  9. Dugs

    Thanks, Yves and intern! just ordered my t-shirt and hope they sell like crazy (does NC get a taste from every sale?) I’m not much of a llama person, and I really think the croc design gets the site across pretty clearly. I’d also buy in a heartbeat a nice big coffee mug with the tote-bag design on it.

    Well done!

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Oh, you don’t think we’re nice and quirky? Llamas are also fierce toward predators:

      Llamas react to canids threatening herds in a variety of ways, starting with a posture to alert others in the herd, then sounding a special alarm cry, and often running towards the threat, kicking and placing themselves between it and the herd. Dogs and coyotes have been injured and even killed by llamas.

      Farmers who pastured llamas with sheep discovered that fewer sheep were lost to coyotes. Observation soon revealed the llamas’ defensive behavior in the face of predators…

      Llamas, which have been used as therapy animals at hospitals, might seem unlikely candidates for security jobs. “When their mind is set, they seem to be fearless,” said Dan Goodyear. “The llama is a natural guardian. They’re herd animals, so they’re very aware of distractions.”

      And yes, we make a small royalty on each sale, but odds are high we’ll spend more on gifts to the many people who’v helped us over the years than we’ll recoup! So you are helping to thank the people you’ve seen here and a lot of unsung helpers.

  10. scraping_by

    Please add one more coffee-mug-centric upvote. With a side of xtra large for big manly hands and chronic sleep deprivation.

    1. Susan the other

      Just thinking about crocs and llamas. Good mascots because crocs have been so done with the b.s. for millions of years! and llamas are so instinctive they just spit in your eye. Just when you think you’ve persuaded them.

  11. allcoppedout

    I fancy one that says ‘not made in a sweat shop likely to burn down tomorrow’.

  12. Murky

    The website for ordering these goodies first loads, but then goes to a blank screen on my Mac running Safari. Is there any other way for me to order the llama tote bag? Like maybe a physical address where I can send a check by snail mail?

      1. Murky

        Their contact page displays properly on my Mac. Wouldn’t have found it without your help. Thanks!

        1. CB

          Every last thing on the site doesn’t work right, so it may be them: there are CONTACT buttons that don’t contact.

          1. Lambert Strether

            Everything loads fine for me in Safari 6.04 on OS X including the contact form, which is accessible on the home page Under Customer Service at Contact Us.

            Maybe try Firefox? Turn on JavaScript? Clear cache? All the usual solutions.

    1. Jack Parsons

      Get Firefox and Chrome. Back when I was on a Mac I had to try all three on some sites.

      1. CB

        My bank only “does” IE properly. Lack of coding skills or a little vig from MS: I report, you decide.

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      It always loads REALLY SLOWLY, particularly in Safari. Just be patient.

  13. efschumacher

    I’ll get the tote. Should look good for schlepping my pommes de terre from the grocery store. But especially for the MAMIL section of the naked readership, a cycling jersey would surely e appreciated. Not Lycra, which is a Koch product.

  14. Cynthia

    I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to wearing logo or slogan T-shirts. I’ll only wear one if the logo or slogan is no larger than an extra-large postage stamp and located on the top left hand corner of the T-shirt. So, I’ll be ordering a tote bag instead. One can’t have too many tote bags, and the slogans on them are great! I’d like to see a Naked Capitalism logo on one of these items. If not a logo on a T-shirt or device cover, it would be mighty nice to have one on a coffee mug, whether it’s a traditional or travel type mug.

    1. optimader

      Agreed on the logo shirt Cynthia..
      An Izod style golf shirt an embroidered Man Carrying Briefcase on Redline ala Econned

  15. Ms G

    Just ordered my styly 3/4 sleeve black crocodile Tee!

    Yves, will you have a Llama version soon? Please?! :)

  16. Peter G

    Hope y’all don’t mind some nitpicking.

    The font is not the same as used on this’n here amazing website. Please, please, please use something that at least slightly resembles the font used in the logo at the top of this site. Symmetry in branding. The obsessive in me can’t stand to gaze upon your swag. T___T

    Definitely would love a mug. And mugs work much better with those larger prints. If I were to buy a t-shirt, I’d prefer something much simpler, say, sans the pretty llama–just the name and a caption.

    Anywho, glad to see you finally have some merch! :)

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Sorry, but if you look at “naked capitalism” at the top, that’s in American Typewriter. We’ve trademaked that too.

      We used the same font throughout. We could have used Optima, which is the font for the text, but it seemed fine having all text in American Typewriter.

      1. Peter G

        Oooooh, my bad. I’ve never seen American Typewriter on this site before. It comes preinstalled only on Mac (and I live in Windows, Linux). I associate NakedCap with Georgia, as it’s the default font after American Typewriter.

        Hmm. Haven’t dealt with web fonts much, but I know there are various ways to push fonts out. Might be something to look into. Hope this helps. :)

  17. Jeff N

    the first thing I think of when I hear “money laid bare” is an attack on paper money… which couldn’t be farther from the NC truth!

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