Monetary Policy Implementation: Some Facts and a Monetary Myth.

Nathan here. Tonight I’m moderating an event on monetary policy implementation at my University, the University of Ottawa. We will have three speakers, Donna Howard, Eric Tymoigne and Marc Lavoie. The event will begin about 5:30 and will probably finish- at the latest- by 7:30. Donna Howard is a former head of financial markets at the Bank of Canada. Marc Lavoie is a professor at the University of Ottawa who has written extensively (to say the least) on monetary theory. See a past interview conducted by Philip Pilkington for Naked Capitalism . Finally Eric Tymoigne is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Lewis and Clark College and a Research Associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College.

Those of you who are interested in viewing the event can access the live stream by clicking the following the link below and entering as a guest .The recording will be available shortly after the event.

I would like to thank YSI INET Grants for providing the financial support necessary for putting this event together. We would also like to acknowledge our affiliation with the Modern Money Network. To see past events in the series please look to their website

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  1. Keynesian

    I logged into the Uottawa event but no recording was available. However, I did read Philip Pilkington’s interveiw with Marc Lavoie on monetary theory. It was very good, and very complex. It has been a awhile since we heard from Philip Pilkington. I learned alot from him and read all his past articles as far back as I could search on this site. Hope to hear from him soon.

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