Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Today is the day when bloggers are asked to promote less-well-trafficked sites they like.

NC readers have seen these sites in Links, but let me remind you of them:

Economics (generally heteredox):

Economic Populist


Fixing the Economists (Philip Pilkington)

Frances Coppola

Idiosyncratic Whisk

Lars P. Syll


Markets, Finance, Banking (sometimes with political commentary):

Across the Curve (John Jansen). Your one stop on how bonds are trading today.

Cassandra Does Tokyo (although missing in action! I hope just on a long midwinter holiday)

Credit Slips

Golem XIV

Ian Fraser

Nick Shaxson Offshore

REDD-Monitor “REDD-Monitor aims to facilitate discussion about the concept of reducing deforestation and forest degradation as a way of addressing climate change.” Plus, carbon scams.

Sober Look (Walter Kurtz)


Adam Curtis. Infrequent but worth the wait.

Black Agenda Report

Pruning Shears (Dan Frejes)

Power of Narrative (Arthur Silber)

Stop Me Before I Vote Again

The Sideshow (old school aggregator)

Health Industry

Health Care Renewal

Patient Safety Blog

Bad Science …and thus, bad medicine.


Another Word for It (Patrick Durusau)

The Register Tech news & snark. Not exactly unknown but a good resource.

Bruce Schneier’s blog Crypto and security go-to.

Shtetl-Optimized Quantum computing, wittily or furiously.

Terry Tao’s mathematics blog, some fairly easy, some super hard, always crisp.

Please add your favorites in comments!

I wish I knew a couple more uber-snarky and sophisicated Brit econ blogs but I don’t. Maybe Richard? (RS: Coppola and Fraser would have been my choices too, interested to see reader comments)

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  1. rjs

    Saphron at Plutocracy Files, a blog that originated with Occupy, is writing again;

    two posts from yesterday:
    Here’s My Beginning-to-End Strategy for Non-Violent Revolution: Do You Have a Better One?
    We Are the 99% Wasn’t About Inequality; It Was Telling Us We Have a Tyranny

    1. RalphR

      He’s gotten more uneven of late and seriously into blaming Boomers for the world’s ills. He’s good but I’m not as taken with him as I used to be.

      1. Synopticist

        Yup, he’s angry with everyone in the middle east, but you can get a fresh perspective from him.

  2. Dan

    Thanks Yves!

    And thanks commenters for the recommendations. I think one of the great things about BAD is getting the chance to visit new sites. I know I tend to get in the routine of checking the same sites over time, and BAD is a great way to break out of that and discover some new ones.

    The same is true of another Al Weisel tradition, the Jon Swift Memorial Roundup, where bloggers send the favorite posts they’ve written over the past year. Vagabond Scholar has kept the tradition alive, and here is the 2013 edition:

    Weisel was a generous, funny and insightful blogger, and the blogosphere is a much poorer place without him. When he died people said he was Colbert before Colbert – mining the “reasonable conservative” persona to great value. Parody is maybe the hardest form of comedy to get right because it seems so tempting to let it degenerate into snark or cheap cynicism. Or just to be done poorly – I can’t tell you how many defensive “obviously you are unfamiliar with A Modest Proposal” lines I’ve seen from authors who thought they were being terribly clever but just pissed everyone off with a clumsy and poorly aimed stab. Anyway, here’s a personal favorite from Al: “David Vitter: Another victim of gay marriage”

    He left us far too soon.

    Blogwhoring, here’s my list:

  3. Pwelder

    Gail Tverberg (Gail the Actuary) at belongs on any short list of quality sites. Noodling numbers in an attempt to scope out the likely future of capitalism, she has a lot in common with Karl Marx in the British Museum. She won’t get it 100% right either, but she’s way ahead of academic economists and produces insights that deserve a wider readership.

  4. Jackrabbit

    SuiteCRM is a little-know effort that is defending the commons.

    The Story:
    SugarCRM provides commercial support and services for open source software and is regarded as the second largest CRM company after Goldman invested $40m into the Company last August. SugarCRM’s most recent product (version 7), developed over the course of a couple of years and released soon after Goldman’s investment is closed source. It appears that SugarCRM, with Goldman’s support, intends to hijacking the original open source effort.

    SuiteCRM released a competing version 7 last fall that is all open source. SuiteCRM is also supported by a commercial vendor that offers support and services but they have declared their full support for a fully open source effort.

    This is an interesting – and developing – story.

  5. Brick

    Farnam Street for thinking about thinking

    Bronte Capital for scams and shorting
    Alpha Sources for a nerdy view of macro economics

    Gary Weiss for a journalists view of the struggle for the American soul
    Linda M Beale for all things about tax.

    Anna Raccoon for a snarky look at the UK Media
    Sue March for the diary of a UK benefit scrounger
    lisa for making it personal
    Organized rage for the view of the dispossessed in Europe

    1. Paul Boisvert

      ditto on Slackwire!

      Also, definitely Economonitor! Wray, plus many others…

      and my pet peeve: WHY on Earth does NC list Mish’s Global Economic Analysis TWICE on its Blogroll!?? Once under Global Economic Analysis, and AGAIN under Mish’s Global Economic Analysis!! I actually like reading it, as libertarians make some good points among many bad ones…but to list it TWICE on a limited Blogroll is…um, inexplicable…

  6. psychohistorian

    I refer people to when they don’t seem to understand that Social Security Insurance was the original thrust of this conservative Insurance program that is being killed by TPTB.

    Read the archives for more than enough detail including that for $.80 (80 cents) a week from workers SSI could be put back on track….but NO, lets kill it instead…..ARGH!!!!

  7. gonomarx

    a few more
    Matt Tabbi

    one stop shop for Will Self’s (biting) cultural critique

    Craig Murray former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan (Occasional)

    Ben Goldacre at Bad Science on the phama/science beat

    US culture beat: We are respectable negroes

    UK Media: the media blog

    Culture and Digital Editor Paul Mason

  8. k

    For anyone interested in urbanism and transportation the Streetsblog network blogs cover some nitty gritty on policy and infrastructure to help move us away from oil-dependence, plus lots on related issues of social equity and public health. Start at and note the city-based sites as well.

    I’m also a fan of Sightline — lately they’ve been doing excellent work taking apart the coal industry.

  9. Jackrabbit

    Blogroll amnesty is a nice gesture for small, well-deserving sites. There should also be a blogrolI guillotine (well-known sites that get more attention than they deserve).

    My prime candidate for ‘blogroll guillotine’ would be Paul Krugman. Mostly for promoting Obama Administration neo-lib projects policies like Obamacare, Obamatrade, Obama’s inadequate “solutions” for inequality, etc. while pretending to be a traditional liberal (the “‘conscience of a liberal”!) by making easy and obvious objections to ‘bat-shit’ crazy republicans.

    It should be clear by now that Third-way, neo-lib ‘centrists’ and “blue-dog” democrats try to sideline, subvert, and marginalized traditional liberals/progressives. Yet sooo many liberals/progessives think that Obama and Krugman are champions of the left.

    1. trish anderson

      I second the vote for a blog roll guillotine (great idea). and krugman for prime candidate.

      “promoting Obama Administration neo-lib projects policies like Obamacare…” I would substitute schemes or rackets or heists or something for policies. policies is so benign…

  10. JustAnObserver

    Sometimes infuriating, always coming at things from an unexpected angle Steve Waldman @ Interfluidity:

    One I’ve been reading avidly in recent weeks. Noah Smith (a pseudonym ?)

    Finally for the ability to write the most scathing putdowns of the iodiocy of European
    financial actions without – mostly – resorting to abuse. The “It’s Not That Simple” blog (Doesn’t post that often though):

  11. AbyNormal

    Yves, this page is a Treasure Chest…perfectly reflects the strength of your blog.
    many many Thanks to All the contributors!

    “Change is the end result of all true learning.”

  12. Michael G

    In the UK Richard Murphy
    My first read in the morning. Some of the best researched and argued criticism of big business tax avoidance but also of conventional economics.
    However, our government in its wisdom has just passed a “gagging law” to protect us from people like him. Since he is in part funded by trade unions and campaigning organisations to do research and prepare reports on politically sensitive issues, it will become much harder for him to publish his work in future. Read him while you can.

  13. Fíréan

    From a collective of, differing view points, Blogs on the EU. ( ) Leigh Phillips and AusterityLand Sigrún Davíðsdóttir’s Icelog ( and she links to NC) One woman’s ongoing account of her experience of the financial crisis, post 2008.

    Wishing to not post a full bookmarks list andto avoid duplication of already posted blogs, yet not sure if the following come into the category of “blog” as per the thread here. otherwise might have posted more ( posted eng,langauge only) ; Neil Garfield’s everythingMortgage fraud and foreclosure and other blog links. A collective of regularly updated writings (eng.lang. version) on internet neutrality. Ukraine. Supreme Court of the US blog. often overlooked blog much info.

    Posting a link to a blog here doesn’t necessarily imply agreement with the content or the writer of the blog ( website) . It’s wise to not just read that with which we agree and which reinforces our sense self-righteousness, but also to read the other persons’ points of view too.

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