More Details on Our San Francisco Meetup, Wednesday July 30 (Updated)

Dear Bay Area readers,

We are confirming the time and location of our meetup, which is 6:00 PM next Wednesday at the Press Club. I’ll be there till at least 8:30 PM.

The address is

20 Yerba Buena Lane
San Francisco, CA 94103

Meetup map of destination

Now I do have a wee conundrum, since pretty much nobody tells me that they are actually turning up. So far, I have only four people who are definite. On the East Coast, hardly anyone says they are in and then I’ve had a gratifyingly large group turn up. But I’m not sure you West Coast folks operate the same way.

It would help to get a reading at the Press Club because they will take a reservation BUT guarantee admittance only for the confirmed headcount, and they require me to use a credit card to hold the reservation. So the more accurate an estimate I have of how many people are coming, the better. Please let me know if you are pretty sure you are coming in comments. Thanks!

Update: I e-mailed Wolf Richter, and said I hoped he would stop by, since I would like to meet him and I am sure many NC readers would as well. He said yes, so that should make what is already shaping up to be a good event even more fun.

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    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I don’t know how you are getting that result. We don’t have any of those “cover the page” ads. We have one that sometimes covers the bottom of the page. I will forward to my ad service, but no one else has made this complaint, of our over 200,000 visitors a month.

      Are you sure this isn’t a misrendering of the map, and that it covers the address?

        1. kevinearick

          on the odd chance you don’t know, you cannot completely control your format, even under the best of circumstances…(or at all if someone decides to get serious….)

    2. Lambert Strether

      Without knowing your platform — tower? Laptop? Tablet? Phone? Lynx from the command line — this is not a helpful comment. There’s nothing we can do to help.

    3. ChrisPacific

      I get the same thing (and have seen it once or twice before). Note that copy/pasting the article text into a text editor works for seeing the address.

      I’m using latest Chrome on Win 7. It’s an adiply ad shaped like a vertical rectangle on the left side, that covers the bullet points and first few letters of the bottom three lines in Recent Items, extends downwards over the article (cutting off part of the header and the left side of the initial paragraphs) and ends almost halfway down the map. It’s aligned almost perfectly with the left side of the map, with just a small strip of white space between, but because the map has a bit of a left indent compared to the main article that means that it partially covers the text above.

      I can reproduce the issue on Firefox sometimes, but not consistently. It seems to be associated with a particular screen width – too narrow and the ad doesn’t appear at all, too wide and the margin has more than enough space to contain it. However, once it does show up it persists through screen resizing, although not always through a page reload. I can’t always reproduce it on Chrome (sometimes adiply serves up a narrower ad that doesn’t show the issue) and I wasn’t able to reproduce it at all in IE. The best chance of getting it to happen in Chrome seems to be to resize the screen to a few different widths (large enough for the ad to appear, but not too large) and hit reload – if you do this a few times then it often shows up.

      1. ChrisPacific

        Actually that suggests another workaround for anyone having trouble seeing the address: make the browser window narrower and the ad should disappear. You don’t even need to reload.

  1. Jeff W

    I’ll show up. Looking forward to it.

    Any way you can make the link a “sticky” on top of the others? That might increase the response rate.

  2. With Cat as My CEO

    I’ll be there with bells on, and see if one of my friends can make it (can provide real name).

  3. Craig Focardi

    I will attend. If my plans change and I can’t for some reason, I’ll update you.

    1. kevinearick


      the enemy of my enemy is my friend doesn’t work…strange bedfellows…

      in case you have that banner ad, and are unfamiliar with SF, just ask anyone where Yerba Buena is, and when you get there, ask where the press club is.

      If all else fails, nearly everyone knows where the The Apple Store is at Ellis and Market.

      In case you have never been to SF, take a look at the maps at the bus stops.

      There are many transit subunits, none of them choosing to know anything about the others.

      1. kevinearick

        there’s a young boy that puts on a good song and dance at the museum, for contributions…red hat…

  4. robert lowrey

    I think the press club’s close to the Jewish Museum, so that’s a good landmark to use. And the press they’re referring to has more to do with wine than print, but I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Looks like your plaint had the desired effect. (is there a cover charge?).

    1. Jeff W

      It’s close to the Jewish Museum but the museum is on the Mission Street side of Yerba Buena Lane, which runs perpendicularly between Market and Mission Streets, and the Press Club is much closer to the Market Street side.

      If you’re parking at one of the parking garages around Mission Street, you can look for the Jewish Museum.

      If you are taking MUNI or BART, get off at the Powell Street station and take the farthest stairs to Market and Fourth Streets (if you’re facing the right direction [i.e., “inbound”], they’ll be on your right)—those will take you just steps away from Yerba Buena Lane and the Press Club, as shown by this BART station map.

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      No cover. They expect to see one drink per person with a reservation, but plenty of people have more than one . So getting the headcount not too far off the right # is what matters. So no worries if you are a teetotaler, there will be plenty of people who will drink on your behalf.

  5. sd

    I can’t to be there but would love to buy Yves a much deserved drink. Will kick it in to the tip jar.

  6. Propertius

    Unless United Airlines does something horrible to my flight in from Denver, I’ll be there.

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