Naked Capitalism is Back! Google Whackage Reversed

Readers may recall that your humble blogger was in a bit of a funk as a result of a depressing drop in traffic as a result of series of Google algo changes in May. We might also have taken some collateral damage from a fistfight in comments a week before that over a post on MMT.

We wanted to let readers know that our July traffic was at the same level as of March, which is good to see since traffic levels on the Internet are generally lower during the summer, particularly on financial websites. So it appear the combination of some appeals through friends of the site that have Google connections helped, along with some remedial measures that we took.

So thanks for your patience and continued readership! Now back to our usual order of business, which is using our virtual soapbox in the park to do what we can to help rein in predatory financial players, expose elite-favoring propaganda, and promote social justice.

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  1. Angus

    Might it now be possible to go back to supplying the whole text of the post through RSS, rather than just the title and first line? I read more NC posts that way.

    1. rjs

      not to throw cold water on your celebration, but sans feed to the readers i am clicking through more often, but i had probably read more previously, when all of NC posts were available on my readers in their entirety…

    2. Abe, NYC

      The good news is, the Instapaper mobilizer seems to work now, so I can load NC articles on my phone for offline reading.

      The bad news is, it apparently uses its own stylesheets and it’s difficult to customize the appearance. As a result my eyes ache whenever I read NC on subway. However, it’s still better than loading original HTML, which made me go back to my glasses.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        We have a new tech person and one of his big priorities is improving how the site renders on mobile devices. So please be patient!

  2. abynormal

    Plato quipped “Knowledge is the food of the soul”…im getting fat here!
    Muchas Gracias NC & Team

    1. trish

      getting fat, yes…but always hungry!

      and the links choices…I’m getting anxious! (from links today, When It’s Bad to Have Good Choices New Yorker)

      my thanks, too.

      1. abynormal

        you just earned the Quote Master of the Year award!
        appropriately, its an African Proverb

      2. Paul Tioxon

        NAKED CAPITALISM will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no NAKED CAPITALISM! Apologies to Planet 420.

        1. Hayek's Heelbiter

          Actually, a paraphrase of a line that dates back to the 60s that was either originated/popularized by a comic strip called “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.” You can back formation it as to the original quote as I don’t want NC to trigger any DEA flags.

  3. Oregoncharlesg

    Glad to hear it, but since i have it bookmarked on both computers and originally found it via a link, I’m unimpressed by the importance of Google. Apparently I’m wrong about that.

    Time for an anti-trust suit to break it up – but not if you’re a website!

  4. tim s

    Glad to hear it. Now if I can just get my work’s porn filter to quit rejecting NAKED CAPITALISM.

    Perhaps you could consider “L’emperor sans vêtements”….

    or perhaps “Bum-nekkee Grifters”


    I’m glad you’re getting the traffic you deserve, and moreso, that the word will again spread that much wider. Lord knows we need it to.

  5. Bluntobj

    Nice work, Yves! There would be a hole in my information sphere without your work, and I thank you for providing thought provoking content.

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