Hope to See You at Our NYC Meetup This Evening, January 16

Hope you are able to swing by and visit our NYC meetup later today! Details:

Ten Bells
247 Broome Street (between Ludlow and Orchard)
Subways: F to Delancy, J/M/Z to Essex, B/D to Grand Street
Starting at 5:00 PM (note Ten Bells opens at 5:00 PM, so if you get there a little early, don’t be alarmed)

ten bells nyc meetup

We have both back rooms, so we should have plenty of chance to mingle. Ten Bells only serves wine and beer, but has a good selection of both. The person who recommended it also said they have good food if you want to get a nosh and other readers who know Ten Bells gave thumbs up in comments on earlier announcement posts.

I’ll be there from 5:00 PM till at least 8:30 PM. From past experience, readers have really enjoyed meeting each other, as well as assigning faces to some of the names in the commentariat.

I’m sure we’ll have great fun and good conversation as we have at past events.

Be there or be square!

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  1. Ian

    Meeting up with you and the NC community is on my bucket list. Not this year, but it is conceivable for the near to midterm future. Good too know about these meet ups. A pleasure.


  2. nobody

    I’m squarely on the west coast this year but so glad I was able to make it last year. Looking forward to NC meet-ups in LA and/or San Diego, some day.

  3. Kurt Sperry

    It’s a great thing to be able to do, hope it turns out to be fun and interesting.

    Sent from the very NW corner of the contiguous US.

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