Meetup in Washington DC on April 22 (Updated)

Dear readers,

I’ll be in Washington, DC, on a panel at the Atlantic Economy conference on April 23. If readers are game, I’d like to do a meetup the evening before. I’ll firm up the time, but assume that we’d start between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

Please suggest venues in comments. The conference is at the Capitol Hilton, so not too far from there is preferable.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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  1. skippy

    Hope your respite was sufficient for this Atlantic Economy conference sort of action…

    skippy… intransigent bias thingy….

  2. Kokuanani

    Fabulous. Would prefer to have joined you in Paris, but DC will have to do. Don’t know if the cherry blossoms will still be around [they’re at peak now], but the other flowering trees are beautiful. Lots of pictures for Lambert.

  3. Daniel Pennell

    That is right near the Export Import Bank. Down there all the time.

    Open to anything but how many ppl we thinking will be there? Kinda makes a difference on a recommendation.

  4. Steve

    Would love to meet up April 22. Unfortunately, already have plans. I hope there’s a next time.

  5. Joe Firestone (LetsGetitDone)

    How about Georgia Brown’s on 15th between K and I Streets? It’s one or two blocks away from the Capital Hilton at McPherson Square depending on which exit from the Hotel you use. I’ve been there a couple of times before in the afternoon. It was quiet then, but God knows how loud it is during the cocktail hours. Anybody have a feel for that?

  6. Anonymous

    Café Mozart is a couple blocks away (13th and I), but it’s nice little place and is quiet enough to hold a conversion.

  7. Michael Cleary

    Heldover in Florida pending a business meeting I would have loved to meetup. Just recently found your articles please keep up all the good work.

  8. SD

    I would second cafe mozart, kind of odd and divey, but one of the few places in D.C. it is possible to have a drink and talk to someone without yelling.

  9. Kokuanani

    Sorry to miss yesterday’s meet-up, but the NC site [server] was down for an extended period, so when I tried to come in [several times] to find out the location — nothing.

    Clearly I should have written it down earlier. Plus, I’d have been coming downtown from the ‘burbs, so long subway ride.

    Still, I’m sad about missing this opportunity and hope one can be scheduled again.

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