Reminder – Meetup in Paris This Friday, April 10

I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to see some reader in France and get the lowdown on French and European politics. It looks like we’ll have anywhere from 7 to 15 people attending. At past meetups, the readers also seem to have enjoyed meeting each other, so this should be a good event.

We’ll plan on 6:00 PM, with the caveat that I’m coming from the INET conference, where we are being shuttled by bus, so I might be a few minutes late. The venue is:

Villa Maillot
143 Avenue de Malakoff

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 11.36.42 PM

Reader Roy P described it as: “a small hotel with a very quiet and civilized bar that is never crowded.” We had to make a tradeoff between going to a spot that catered to a local crowd and being able to converse comfortably. The risk was that a local fixture would almost certainly be busy on a Friday, and hence not so hot for a group to try to corner a section and mingle. So we should be able to mix well here.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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  1. vidimi

    won’t be able to make it as i’ll be heading north to london but i wish everyone a great evening. hope to make it next time.

  2. -jswift

    There’s apparently a serious air control strike Wednesday the 8th in Paris,
    and a big “manif” Thursday of the unions…a suivre.

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