Announcing the Harry Shearer Challenge!

UPDATE 10/22, 1:00AM: We’ve had a great response to the Harry Shearer Challenge (see details below), so we want to thank everyone for their donations Wednesday. As of this time, we still have 8 $100 matching opportunities open, so please step up by going to our donation page. And if $100 is a stretch for you, don’t let that keep you from making a donation if you’ve been planning to but haven’t had time yet. Every contribution helps us meet our goals.

This is Naked Capitalism fundraising week. 874 donors have already invested in our efforts to combat corruption and predatory conduct, particularly in financial realm. Please join us and participate via our donation page, which shows how to give via check, credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Read about why we’re doing this fundraiser, what we’ve accomplished in the last year, and our fourth target, 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year.

Harry Shearer, who has graciously featured us on his weekly radio program Le Show from time to time, has issued a challenge for this fundraiser. He will match the next 30 donations of $100. Make his generous offer a speedy success by going to our donation page now!

You can make your contribution here, via check, debit or credit card, or PayPal. If you give by check, be sure to let us know by e-mailing us at with “Harry Shearer Challenge” in the subject line.

Thanks to Harry for his generosity, and I hope readers will respond in kind. And if $100 is a stretch for you, don’t let that stop you from making a donation if you’ve been planning to but haven’t had time yet. Every contribution helps us meet our goals. So I hope you’ll take him up on this fundraiser challenge in whatever way you can!

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  1. Jason

    OK, this pushed me over the top. I have to admit there’s a perverse sense of satisfaction using infrastructure provided by PayPal and JPMC to fund the financial sector’s nemesis. Keep it up!

    1. Lois

      OK I threw in the extra $50, and I did $100 the first day. Maybe he will count me as one of the $100?? :)

  2. Chris Williams

    Can’t manage $100 as on low income (emerging author ha ha), but $25 done, my freeloading conscience is now feeling better.

    I spoke to my partner last night. She was talking about cash or something and I mentioned that the neoliberal agenda was to get rid of the stuff. Make us pay for everything out of a bank account.

    She said, she had heard of a new (political) party… (The NeoLiberals has a nice ring to it, I admit)

    I said, no and proceeded to tell her about the neoliberal agenda, policies that both Labor and Liberal-National governments have been pursuing since the 80s.

    > privatisation of government assets (the government’s business is not business);
    > allowing the big 4 Australian banks to profit immensely through an absence of competition;
    > deunionising the workforce and allowing foreign workers to compete for work;
    > allowing property prices to balloon through negative gearing, taxing capital gains at half the rate of income, allowing foreigners to buy and hence bid up demand…
    > saying that a university education is a private good, no public good aspects, and students must pay – and yes, can’t discharge debt through bankruptcy as your a person. We only let corporations get out of debt free;
    > telling us that there is no money, no possible expenditures without taxes or borrowing from the financial markets (the biggest let down of the Australian people, the biggest lie)

    I talked for a few minutes and then I said, you don’t want to know, do you?

    No was the answer.

    So, it’s up to me to visit here everyday to get the news stories I don’t get elsewhere.

    One of the best features of a community like Naked Capitalism is the quality of the people reading, their experiences, their readings, their stories.

    Some years ago now, someone linked to the Iron Heel, by Jack London. I’d never heard of it, but others had, and I got a copy and started reading. Couldn’t put it down, the style of the man’s writing and the overall theme…

    Thank you, everyone who reads this. Not just Yves and Lambert.

    Everyone who has ever commented here.

  3. Pavel

    ok so here’s my slightly mad story:

    1) I meant to give $100 the other day but was too pissed off by the intrusive Paypal form (sorry Yves!)
    2) I’m one of the world’s greatest Le Show fans, and am greatly impressed by Harry’s “serious” shows (though they are all serious in his way) when he has Yves and other experts on
    3) So as a tribute to Harry, and as an FU to Paypal, I’ll send a check for $200 :) Yves and Lambert, be patient while I sort this out.

    A great site, a great community, and kudos again to Harry for his support. Thrilled to see all the donations and looking forward to the results.

      1. Pavel

        ha ha Lambert, that comment made my day :)
        Can’t stand PP myself but I recognise the need for it for ease-of-setup. Anyway happy to save you your 3%.

  4. RLS

    One more hundred toward Harry’s match. Hopefully Lambert, some of this gold goes to providing you with a lifetime supply of markers. Where would we be without them?

  5. suchaprice

    It seems that the wheels of creation have finally agreed to roll together for me (for the time being) and I can rise from my chronic affliction of fundzalo syndrome (I’m a musician whenever possible) and answer sir Harry’s challenge. I cut the check last night (1:30am PDT), just sent the yves@ email, and if I find out that I missed the cutoff he’s gonna hafta answer to me personally!
    Oh, and also a ‘note’ for Lambert’s hat. The lengths that he is going to for this blog (to the possible detriment of his own wonderful Corrente) is exemplary and inspires us all to do whatever we can with the tools or resources at our disposal. I’m thinkin’ a skunk posse anthem – with a reggae vibe maybe? Hmmm…..

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks for the message! I’m behind on my messages but rest assured I will e-mail you! And big thanks for singling out Lambert. He’s really cares a huge amount about the work he does here and you can see it in the caliber of his posts.

  6. C. Hall

    Dear Yves and team:
    Sorry to miss the Harry Shearer challenge; I’ve been a listener for most of the time Le Show is around and truly enjoy his mixture of satire, news, music, and a conscience that I greatly respect. One of the many debts I owe Mr. Shearer is introducing me to your blog. Just donated to your site via PayPal, and I hope you and Harry continue your productive and informative association.

    Best regards,
    C. Hall
    Ogden UT

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