Bill Black Speaks to TaxCast About the Political Coalition Against Financial Regulation

Bill Black is the special guest in this month’s TaxCast podcast. He gives an overview of his Whistleblowers United regulatory reform proposals, and gives a high level overview of the coalition against financial regulation.

The earlier part of this TaxCast has an accessible and lively discussion of why tax amnesties are a terrible idea and what should be done instead. Enjoy!

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  1. steelhead23

    The Bank Whistleblower’s United initiative has been out for almost 2 months now. Any bites? Has Bernie endorsed it? He should.

  2. diptherio

    Indeed, we can’t even muster the honesty to call them “systemically dangerous.” They’re actually called in the United States “systemically important,” like they should get a gold star.

    Totally deadpan. Hilarious. Bill should try some stand-up.

  3. Malcolm MacLeod, MD

    It’s apparent that the United States is still busily contaminating the bed in
    which we citizens will be expected to sleep. There is no nice or pleasant
    way to reform a corrupt status quo.

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