Welcome Jerri-Lynn Scofield to Naked Capitalism!

Please give Jerri-Lynn Scofield, who will be posting tonight, a warm welcome.

Jerri-Lynn brings considerable technical expertise along with a keen eye for how things really work behind official narratives. She was an MIT undergrad, a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, University of Oxford (where she studied how business interests influence US trade policy) and then in Obama’s class at Harvard Law School (and can and does tell tales). She went to Super White Shoe law firm as a securities lawyer and was later a derivatives trader. She is now mainly in India doing research on a book on artisanal textile workers but also writes regularly on law, political economy, and regulatory topics for various consulting clients and publications (you may have seen her byline at Alternet) and travels through Asia, among other things, in pursuit of her diving habit (I’m jealous of her itinerary). She also writes frequently about travel for The National (http://www.thenational.ae). We hope you’ll enjoy the insights and the additional breadth of coverage that she will bring to our efforts.

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  1. Ben Gray

    Welcome Jerri-Lynn. I depend on Nake Cap’s Yves and Lambert to keep my intake reading from very diverse sources. Thanks, Ben

  2. abynormal

    was a derivatives trader & traveler of Asia…Yves struck another Gold vein.
    Thank You Jerri-Lynn…Red Carpet WELCOME

  3. Mike

    I never comment, but have been reading this site for several months now. Boy, have I learned a lot! Thank you to Yves for a great, informative site- and Lambert, and the other contributors, and of course, the commenters. Welcome to Jerri-Lynn and I look forward to my continuing education, sounds like she has great experience to share.

  4. Kurt Sperry

    Indian weaving can be profoundly beautiful. Credentials appear to be in order, [stifles credentialism wisecrack] . Welcome.

  5. savedbyirony

    “Does tell tales…” now I’m hooked. Actually, it all sounds enticing. welcome to the “good fight” site. (home of the skunk party)

  6. Buttinsky

    I just finished Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton, in which the history of cotton in India figures prominently. Looking forward to seeing Jerri-Lynn continue the story with her insights into the contemporary textile industry there.

  7. EndOfTheWorld

    Good to have an Asian expat perspective. Maybe next time we can have our “meet-up” in the Philippines!

  8. NeqNeq

    Welcome! You don’t happen to be the Jerri-Lynn Scofield who wrote at Telematics Update do you?

  9. craazyman

    are these going to be posts we can make some money on? No progressive foo foo please. and NOTHING about politics, for God’s Sake. I’d rather hear about Indian textiles. Posts about interstellar travel are also welcome. Has she been to other planets? That would be of interest.. Even the moon.

  10. Radhe


    Hope you have developed a healthy-addiction to masala chai in Hyderabad

    Looking forward to your essay

    Best to you

  11. Jess

    I hate everyone who is smarter than I am. Unfortunately, being smarter than I am is not hard and includes everyone at NC. Now I have someone new to be jealous of.


  12. Chauncey Gardiner

    Amazing background. Looking forward to your posts, Jerri-Lynn, and welcome to the conversation.

  13. Jeremy Grimm

    Welcome! Please also look into glass work in India along with textiles. Indian and Chinese glass workers have helped make the American glass-pipe and glass arts/crafts creators precarious — most unfairly. The current American mantra is to be so creative and innovative that by the time knockoff copies start showing up your latest new creations are already on the web.

    As a lover of glass and glass art I would greatly prefer Indian and Chinese creations might show up which we might copy and improve upon — instead of cheaper copies of our own inventions.

  14. Wombat

    Frequent Reader, First time commenter here. Welcome Ms. Schofield, great to have more knowledge and experience to learn from!! I learn so much from this site (posts and comments alike!), and I have even succeeded at introducing a few colleagues to the site.

  15. Starveling

    Howdy! A perspective from abroad is quite welcome. The NC crew make make me feel exceptionally pedestrian sometimes, I swear. Them credentials…

  16. homeroid

    Sooo looking forward to this. Textiles! please throw in some pics. And welcome to the place where the rest of us contemplate.

  17. John

    Welcome! Would love to read some stories on India as well as I moved to Mumbai a few months ago.

  18. Katharine

    Another interesting perspective is always welcome! I look forward to your posts (diving stories too? your own reef pictures as Antidotes?) and hope you have fun with them!

  19. Griffith W Jones

    Hi Jerri-Lynn,
    Great to have you on this wonderful site. I’m based in Hong Kong, so please let me know if you’re passing thru.

  20. RWood

    Bienvenidos! Ah, and hoping to see and hear of flora and fauna. And of course, a towel is the most important item a Hitchhiker can carry.

  21. walt

    Looking forward to hearing more about taking a class from Obama. I suspect he has a 2nd class mind papered over with superficial charm, like Bubble Bill Clinton.

    1. Jerri-Lynn Scofield

      I can tell you the one time I met Bill, he displayed a distinct lack of any sense of humour, and certainly didn’t like me telling a joke at his expense. A real softball, keying off a current event, and which would have given him a chance to play the wit. (After all, Winston Churchill prepared his quips in advance, why shouldn’t Bill?) I’ll try to work the full story into one of my posts, if I can think of a context where it might be appropriate.

  22. Faye Carr

    All of the above. As well as all of the below. From North Central Florida.
    Our local food security and community resilience depends on learning Asian food crops and systems.

  23. hreik

    Very nice gemisch of credentials and interests. Cannot wait to read more from and about you. Welcome to a great place.

  24. Pat

    Welcome! I am very happy to have some help for Yves and Lambert, and am even happier to have someone with so extensive and wide ranging background to point out things from another perspective.

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