Confirming Our Chicago Meetup Next Friday, March 24

If you are in or near the Windy City, I hope you’ll join us next Friday, March 24. Based on past experience, readers have enjoyed getting together and meeting other members of the Naked Capitalism community. So come by for some fun and lively conversation.

I know a hotel isn’t the most snazzy venue, particularly when Chicago has so many hot spots. But selfishly, I need to minimize how much I walk these days. And the noise level at hotel lounges is typically lower than at most bars.


5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Roanoke Lounge
Marriott Residences
11 South LaSalle Street, between Madison and Monroe on the east side of the street
Chicago, IL

The Roanoke Lounge is on the second floor of the hotel. While there is a separate entrance to the Roanoke Restaurant, it’s easier to enter from LaSalle through the hotel lobby to the elevators. You get off at the second floor and turn right to the bar and restaurant.

See you soon!

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  1. PDB


    I lived in NYC until a few months ago, and was at the one in NY last August. Now I have moved back to my hometown of Chicago; I was hoping to come see you again, but I will be out of town on the 24th. :-(

    Have a safe trip out here; hope you are treated well and that you have a good time!


  2. McWatt

    I am so sorry to miss this and you. I am out of town this day. I will plan on attending
    your next meet up here.

  3. Jeff N

    it’s walking distance from the train station on the west side of the river. I love this location! :D

  4. DJG

    I will stop by during the first hour for a nip. (Have a dinner reservations at one of my favorite Italian places later.)

    Do we wear name tags?

    Yves: If you do want to take a walk on arrival, the Rookery will be open. The lobby is a masterpiece of the Chicago School of Architecture. And it’s a couple of blocks farther south. During work days, you can get in normally. It tends to be locked up on weekends.

    1. run75441


      The Palmer has nice architecture also and that is nearby. Worked on some of those buildings at one time of another with my dad or as a laborer. United of America, Union Carbide, Wrigley Building, Prudential, etc. Yea, I know some of the names have changed. I worked with one laborer who helped construct Buckingham Fountain.

      If you are into buildings, we could have a nice conversation.

  5. run75441


    Don’t see us bellying-up to the bar like the tuckpointers would do at The Billy Goat for their boilermakers at lunch while working on The Wrigley. The Roanoke appears to have some character to it.

    Ok, I will check with Jack and see if he can join me also. Looking forward to it.

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