Links 8/27/17

Why comedy is not universal BBC

Elusive Amazonian monkey seen alive for first time in 80 years Independent

Shark-detecting drones to patrol Australian beaches Reuters

How green roofs can protect city streets from flooding The Conversation

Popular in high school? You may be miserable as an adult, study says Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Safe spaces and ‘ze’ badges: My bewildering year at a US university Spectator

Imperial Collapse Watch

Nuclear Missile Overhaul Falls to Small Pool of Contractors WSJ

Robert E. Lee at West Point The American Conservative. Chuck L:  “A memo to the superintendent.”

Chinese scientists say they’re close to trials transplanting pig organs into humans SCMP

Why a dumb phone is a smart move FT. I concur.

I was an Exxon-funded climate scientist The Conversation

Volkswagen Engineer Gets Prison in Diesel Cheating Case NYT. But look at the length of the sentence…and consider the time’ll almost certainly be served at Club Fed.

New Cold War

How do you say ‘whoops’ in Russian? Podesta Group retroactively files more DOJ disclosures for pro-Putin work Washington Examiner. UserFriendly: “I for one am shocked, shocked!!!”


Brexit: Keep single market for transition period – Labour  BBC

No ‘constructive ambiguity’. Labour will avoid Brexit cliff edge for UK economy Guardian

UK must pay Brexit bill, says Angela Merkel Politico

Brexit: Big business and banks are dominating formation of Brexit warns report Independent

Brexit’s transition deal sits top of the agenda for business FT

‘I don’t recognise my country anymore’: British citizens leaving UK because of Brexit amid exodus of Europeans Independent

Now we know most international students go home after their courses – the vilification must end The Conversation

The Asian American battle over college admissions Asia Times

Police State Watch

Court: Locating suspect via stingray definitely requires a warrant Ars Technica


India Supreme Court: privacy a fundamental right Jurist

After Right to Privacy Ruling, Focus Must Now Be on Creating Robust Data Protection Laws The Wire

How a small clinic in Coimbatore grew into one of the biggest charitable eye hospitals in India

With Pneumococcal Vaccine Patent, Pfizer Wins on Many Counts The Wire

Class Warfare

The first men to conquer death will create a new social order – a terrifying one New Statesman

The Stock Market Doesn’t Matter Jacobin

US Opioid Use Linked To Unemployment, Researchers Say International Business Times

Online pet pharmacy fires back at short-seller’s accusation that it’s exploiting opioid epidemic MarketWatch

Many Poor Kids in Baltimore Are Testing Badly Because They Can’t See AlterNet

The Great Escape? Par for the Course. Marshall Project

How Do We Prevent Banks From Funding Oil Pipelines? Aim Big and Keep Showing Up Truthout

Ruby Ridge, 1992: the day the American militia movement was born Guardian


Endtimes in Mosul LRB (martha r) Patrick Cockburn. Behind a paywall, but well worth a read if you can access this — LRB often allows free access for a limited period following registration.

Yemen: Cholera death rates soar in rebel-held areas Al Jazeera

War on Cash

A Sinister War on Our Right to Hold Cash Global Research


My prediction: the coming collapse of China’s Ponzi scheme economy SCMP

In China you now have to provide your real identity if you want to comment online Quartz

Hurricane Harvey

A Texas newsroom predicted a disaster. Now it’s close to coming true. Columbia Journalism Review

Trump’s ‘Great Job’ Praise for Emergency Chief Evokes ‘Brownie’ Bloomberg

As residents survey damage, Harvey drenches Texas CNN

Three Texas prisons evacuate for Hurricane Harvey Houston Chronicle

Harvey’s Second Act Could Drive Up Economic Damage for Texas Bloomberg

Harvey: Fears grow over severe flooding risk BBC

Retired General: ‘Our Bases and Stations on the Coast Are Going Underwater’ DeSmogBlog

Trump Transition

Trump’s monument plan still shrouded in secrecy The Hill

Trump administration introduces green card hurdle Politico

Trump gives new meaning to the Friday night news dump, enraging his critics WaPo

Shut Down the Government, and This Time, Investors Will Care NYT. Gretchen Morgenson.

The Arpaio Pardon Encapsulates Trump’s Identity Politics FiveThirtyEight

Mnuchin Backpedals on Tax Loophole That Helps Billionaires Truthdig

Fallout grows as Trump continues attacks on fellow GOP members Politico

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