Links 8/28/17

Why Some Like It Hot is the greatest comedy ever made BBC

‘Game Of Thrones’ Viewers Reeling After Finale Unexpectedly Kills Off Fan The Onion

NASA released a new video of Saturn — and the images are stunning Business Insider

‘The windscreen phenomenon’ – why your car is no longer covered in dead insects Telegraph (Oregoncharles) Reminds me of a long springtime drive I once made across Saskatchewan, during which I filled the windshield reservoir of my car 9 times. Beaucoup bugs!

Can Marijuana Improve Workout? World’s First Cannabis Gym To Open In US International Business Times

Did the Babylonians Beat the Greeks to Trigonometry By 1000 Years? Motherboard

Touching Death: The Turbulent Life of One of America’s Last Snake-Handling Preachers The Ringer

NYC calorie rule scrutinized in courts of law, and science Stat

The princess myth: Hilary Mantel on Diana Guardian. Normally, I would eschew contributing to the Dianathon. So many words spilled to so little effect! But Hilary Mantel writes so well, so…. And my response to those who think I shouldn’t have included this: mea culpa.


A million skilled workers plan to leave the UK after Brexit Independent

Labour exposes the false promises of Britain’s exit FT

A big business Brexit for a bargain basement Britain Al Jazeera

Theresa May under pressure as Labour makes U-turn on single market FT

Divorce bill remains sticking point as Brexit negotiations resume Guardian

UK must pay Brexit bill, says Angela Merkel Politico

Exclusive: EU could be open to Brexit climbdown over trade talks amid revolt led by France Telegraph. Hmmm. Not sure how much credence to give this, but include because Politico’s daily EU summary accorded this prominent play. Yet there’s so much magical thinking on the British side, particularly among Brexiteers….

How to reduce the risk of cognitive decline with age The Conversation

Warnings over shock dementia revelations from ancestry DNA tests Guardian

Book Review: “Pandora’s Seed” by Spencer Wells Ian Welsh (martha r)

Police State Watch

California passed a law boosting police transparency on cellphone surveillance. Here’s why it’s not working LA Times

Is a 200-300 mile range enough for Tesla to break into electric trucking? Ars Technica

The 10 Commandments of Rational Debate [logical fallacies explained] Relatively Interesting. The Review Kev: “Old but relevant.”


Green gold: how China quietly grew into a cannabis superpower SCMP

North Korea

Can the US and North Korea Move From Threats to Negotiations? TruthOut

All you need to know about China’s sanctions on North Korea SCMP

How Much Are Frequent Flier Miles Really Worth? NYT

Is Facebook Staring Down Its “AOL Moment?” Mark St. Cyr (furzy). And, if true, not a moment too soon.

Class Warfare

You Can’t Erase Urban Homeless By Making Them “Illegal” American Conservative

House prices ‘will hit 15 TIMES the average income’, leading economists warn This Is Money

Imperial Collapse Watch

Investigators Repeatedly Warned Navy Ahead of Deadly Collisions WSJ

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

ICE to Outsource Data Collection on 500,000 People Per Month Truthdig

Big Tech can no longer be allowed to police itself FT

Europe’s next competition clash: Online data Politico

Hurricane Harvey


Tropical Storm Harvey unleashes historic flooding in Houston area Houston Chronicle

Why America Still Hasn’t Learned the Lessons of Katrina Politico

Flood Calamity Continues In Houston and Beyond; Harvey Edges Toward Coast Wunderground

Flood insurance splits GOP, spurs bipartisan dealmaking as deadline looms Politico

Harvey throws a wrench into U.S. energy engine Reuters

A photo of a dog carrying a bag of food after a storm hit Texas went viral. Here’s his story. WaPo

A Makeshift Navy Struggles to Respond to Hurricane Harvey New Yorker

Pakhar lands a second punch on battered Hong Kong, Macau with flight chaos, accidents and business closures SCMP

Update: Tropical low headed toward the Carolinas on Monday likely to become tropical storm Charlotte News & Observer

The collision of surging glaciers and rivers in Pakistan’s Karakoram mountains is causing floods

Trump Transition

‘The president speaks for himself’: Rex Tillerson distances himself from Trump Guardian

Scoop: Trump frustration with Tillerson rising fast Axios

Republicans don’t know who to talk to at White House The Hill

Trump targets Obama rule on workers’ tips The Hill

Trump Forges Ahead on Costly Nuclear Overhaul NYT. Classic Grey Lady pearl clutching– recall that the entire dangerous and destabilizing nuclear overhaul exercise wasn’t launched on Trump’s watch.

Exclusive: Trump vents in Oval Office, “I want tariffs. Bring me some tariffs!” Axios

Wall St’s top bankers sell own groups’ shares as Trump rally reverses FT


Syria Summary – Towards The End Of The Caliphate Moon of Alabama

Endtimes in Mosul Unz Review. Patrick Cockburn. Posted this yesterday: no paywall on this version.


Doklam Stand-Off Ends: Indian Troops Withdraw, China Says Will “Exercise Sovereign Rights” The Wire

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