Links 9/7/17

Meet the fleshy-nosed swimming monkeys of Borneo Look at that schnozz! What an ugly monkey.

What I Learned from Competitive Blind Wine Tasting at Oxford Vice

America’s Marijuana Evolution Third Way. Detailed account of how much things have changed.

Why the United States Is Falling Apart Jacobin

Plastic particles found in most tap water samples across the globe Treehugger

Facebook accused of fake audience numbers MarketWatch

Return of the city-state Aeon

WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS Every Day Should Be Saturday. HH: “Interesting social/political commentary in a place one would least expect it–a website for die hard college football fans.”

Luggage Tags That Help You Find Your Suitcase NYT

Health Care

Another Thing Disappearing From Rural America: Maternal Care ProPublica

IBM pitched its Watson supercomputer as a revolution in cancer care. It’s nowhere close Stat

Failing or Doing Fine? How Obamacare’s Marketplaces Are Shaping Up for 2018 Bloomberg

Class Warfare

Want to understand how big pharma created the opioid epidemic? Read this report. Vox

Debunking a Key Line of Republican Attack on Medicaid and Poor People AlterNet


NZ’s Jetfield Networks & Larkstone Ltd, the US$142.5 mln tipped into the alleged Azerbaijani Laundromat, and their formally warned NZ company agent Equity Trust International (Richard Smith)

Americans Losing Faith in College Degrees, Poll Finds WSJ

Cory Booker sits front row for Menendez’s bribery trial NY Post

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Slow Poisoning of Our Soldiers, Families on U.S. Bases American Conservative

Navy Ships Suffered From Shoddy Maintenance, Overworked Sailors Bloomberg

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

Leaked document: EU Presidency calls for massive internet filtering EDRi

The Best and Worst Countries to Live and Work In, According to Expats Bloomberg. The deck: “The U.S. and U.K. are tumbling in a ranking by 13,000 expatriates of 166 nationalities.” Quelle surprise.


New leak of Brexit papers reveals fissures between Britain and EU Guardian

Landlords admit turning away EU citizens to avoid Government regulations Independent

Britain’s other Brexit battle Politico

Britain can control immigration. What drives this debate is nasty politics Guardian Simon Jenkins

Theresa May’s Brexit plans in disarray as Amber Rudd and Damian Green refuse to back ‘toxic’ plan to curb EU migration Telegraph


China isn’t ready for safe haven status Asia Times

Cambodia’s dying democracy The Lowy Institute

Violence could lead to exodus of 300,000 Rohingya: UN Al Jazeera


Did Raghuram Rajan know that monetisation was coming? Here’s his answer

Indian editor’s assassination sparks nationwide protests Asia Times

Democrats in Disarray

Democrats dread Hillary’s book tour Politico. If true, perhaps there is a future for the party.

This Pro-Hillary Website Looks Like North Korean Agitprop Politico

Trump Transition

Trump Administration and Key House Republicans Push for Aerial Gunning of Grizzly Bears and Wolves AlterNet

Warren grills Trump’s antitrust pick over antitrust and lobbying: report The Hill

Border security could be key to saving Dreamers Politico

EPA runs all grants past a political appointee in its PR office Ars Technica

Trump shocks GOP by siding with Dems The Hill

Self-Driving Cars’ Prospects Rise With Vote by House NYT

President Trump Unlikely to Nominate Gary Cohn to Become Fed Chairman WSJ


The Floods of August: Climate Change Hits Home for Millions Worldwide Counterpunch

Bangladesh eliminates post-flood disease deaths Third Pole

Katia becomes third hurricane to threaten US in six days Independent

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma an Extreme Storm Surge Threat to the U.S. and Bahamas Weather Underground

Hurricane Irma causes devastation across the Caribbean BBC

Twin megastorms have scientists fearing this may be the new normal The Guardian

Amazon is under fire for reported Hurricane Irma price gouging, with ‘life-sustaining necessities’ selling for wildly inflated prices Business Insider. Surge pricing?

Reasonable profit or price gouging? State attorney investigating complaints Miami Herald

U.S. military preparations for Hurricane Irma now include four Navy ships and thousands of troops WaPo

A Storm That Could “Rewrite History”: Irma Hits as Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane Ever Recorded  TruthOut

Hurricane Harvey

Oil Companies Leaking Benzene Lobbied Against Pollution Rules International Business Times. David Sirota.

The inside story of what it took to keep a Texas grocery chain running in the chaos of Hurricane Harvey

North Korea

Why North Korea’s nuclear test may not be all bad SCMP

North Korea crisis: US seeks Kim Jong-un asset freeze BBC

How To Win A Nuclear Standoff FiveThirtyEight


While defeat of Isis dominates global attention, al-Qaeda strengthens in Syria. Independent. Patrick Cockburn.

Trump’s Afghan escalation and the Pakistan conundrum Al Jazeera

Antidote du jour. A gorgeous wee lifer I saw for the first time last month (but not my photo):

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