Damsel in Distress! Need Help with Philadelphia Meetup Location!

Dear patient readers,

We have a meetup scheduled for next Thursday, November 2, in Philadelphia, and I even have purchased train tickets, for me to arrive at 4:30 PM and leave that day just before 10:30 PM on the last train.

A reader volunteered and lined up a space in Chestnut Hill. Having been in Philadelphia only once in my entire life before (and that to go to the printer when I was at Goldman), I didn’t realize until yesterday that the space booked is suburban and will involve my spending a probable hour and a half in total getting to and from the venue. I am also concerned that the readers who expressed interest in attending seemed to be Philly types (as in the city) and a suburban location would result in lower participation.

The wee problem is we are now getting late and the venues that readers recommended that are close to the train/downtown are booked (New Deck and its sister pub Slainte). FARMiCiA requires that you book tables as opposed to a room or a section of the bar, and since we don’t know how many people might come, that does not seem to work. My guesstimate is 25 and it could be as many as 40.

If we can’t come up with a spot downtown, we’ll stick with Plan A, but I am concerned that Plan A will not only lead to my getting less time with readers but will also result in lower turnout.

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    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks a lot but we need basically a bar or a gastro-pubby or tapas-y restaurant. I can’t organize getting a bar and munchies set up from afar. The other sort of venue that has worked well is a hotel lounge if it is large. Some aren’t keen about big-ish groups because they see them as competing with their banquet facilities. But we had one of our best meetups in Chicago at a Marriott Residences, which has a huuge lounge and they gave us an entire big room.

        1. Yves Smith Post author

          Please see the post. I already checked. Their room is booked. They were very nice and professional, though, and so next time I’d like to give them business.

      1. Cameron

        Rogue’s Gallery, 11 S. 21st Street. It’s about a 10-minute walk from 30th Street Station. Cross the Market Street Bridge, walk to 21st Street, make a right, and you’re there. Good food, good booze, pretty good atmosphere. NOTE: I moved to Florida a year ago, so it might have changed some.

  1. CitizenSissy

    Hi Yves – will check Cavanaughs in University City, Tir na Nog and Estia in Center City. IIRC I forwarded info from Landmark in University City; will dig that up as well.

  2. Alice Arant-Cousins

    Yves, I’ve just arrived in Philadelphia to visit. Later this morning, I will call a friend I’d mine to see if we can use the “plastic club” in downtown. The Plastic Club is an artist club housed in a very convienient and a large townhouse. If they do not have an artist event scheduled, I believe they will be fine. Cynthia and Mike are like minded. I’ll call about 10 am and get back.

  3. BobWhite

    I have reached out to a few more places via email this morning, will see what is available.

    Going out to the ‘burbs at 5pm may take even longer than usual, as a lot of people are doing the same thing…

    1. Dragoon1

      on second thought, reading other places that you are looking at I don’t think this is what you are looking for.


      1. BobWhite

        Follow up…

        BrauHaus and Pub/Kitchen not available.
        New Deck Tavern only until 7:30 – a bit too short of time

        No word from the others yet…

            1. BobWhite

              City Tap has a room, but they mentioned a contract with no price or details. I asked for more information, but no reply yet.

  4. JOHN bougearel

    A local VFW, Moose or Elk Lodge, et. al, in Philly should have bars and munchies. One of your Philly readers is likely a member of one of these clubs and can host your meetup.

  5. BobWhite

    Devils Alley has a room for us. No charge.
    I will try to check it out on Sunday, while I am in town.

    1. BobWhite

      Also… I have not been there before, has anyone?
      Seems to be appropriate for Halloween at least… :-)

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