Links 9/7/18

Carlsberg replaces plastic six-pack rings with glue Treehugger

Would-be monkey thief sentenced for Wellington Zoo break-in New Zealand Herald

Jocelyn Bell Burnell wins $3 million prize for discovering pulsars Ars Technica (The Rev Kev)

Study shows how exercise generates new neurons, improves cognition in Alzheimer’s mouse Medicalxpress (Chuck L)

Witches accuse Sephora of cultural appropriation as branch launches ‘witches kit’ (Dr. Kevin)

Robots can develop prejudices just like humans Tech Crunch (David L)

Bat-inspired robot uses ultrasound to navigate unfamiliar environments New Atlas (David L)

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s presidential front-runner, stabbed at rally BBC


Brexit: emergency planning

Britain has no hope of catching up with China in Africa The Conversation


Tempestuous Seasons London Review of Books

Why the billions China is pouring into Africa might not be smart money SCMP (furzy)

China Wolfs Down Southeast Asia’s Wildlife Asia Sentinel

Collaboration key to solving China-fuelled opioid epidemic, US officials say SCMP

North Korea

North Korea turns 70: all eyes on missile displays at upcoming military parade The Guardian


Section 377 verdict: What you need to know about SC’s decision to decriminalise homosexuality

India, US Hold Two-Plus-Two Talks, to Expand Global Strategic Cooperation The Wire

Two Years Ago, India Lacked Fast, Cheap Internet—One Billionaire Changed All That WSJ

Why the ‘fragile five’ emerging market currencies have alarm bells ringing again SCMP (furzy)

UCLA’s Patent War in India Prevents Access to Prostate Cancer Treatment Worldwide TruthOut

NHS charging for overseas visitors – wrong on every level OpenDemocracy

The Loneliness Effect US News and World Report

Facebook Fracas

It’s time to break up Facebook The Verge (Chuck L)

The FCC chief’s call for cracking down on tech companies is not only laughable, it’s the ‘height of hypocrisy’ Business Insider


44 Percent of Americans 18-27 Have Deleted the Facebook App This Year, Poll Finds Motherboard

Congress is getting better at questioning social media executives The Verge

Twitter Bars Alex Jones and Infowars, Citing Harassing Messages NYT (The Rev Kev)

Redstones, Moonves Inch Toward Finale of Long-Running Drama Bloomberg

Tesla, Musk sought to ‘burn’ Citron, other short-sellers – lawsuit Reuters (The Rev Kev)

Impostor Syndrome leaves most tech workers feeling like a fake CNET (David L)

And Now, Ashton Kutcher Talks About Scooters And Disruption DealBreaker. The embedded video is worth your time– certainly made me chuckle.

Scooter use is rising in major cities. So are trips to the emergency room. WaPo

Class Warfare

How the Elite Took Over Youth Sports, Too American Conservative

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to Kick Billionaires Off Welfare Truthdig

How a Federal Job Guarantee Can Help the Formerly Incarcerated New York magazine (UserFriendly)

Dallas County’s Secret Bail Machine Marshall Project

1 in 10 Americans say they’ll be in debt for the rest of their lives — reality is way worse CNBC (Dr. Kevin)

“It Really Comes Down to Empowering the Working Class” Jacobin

How eight elite San Francisco families funded Gavin Newsom’s political ascent LA Times

The real Goldfinger: the London banker who broke the world The Guardian

NY, NJ Attorneys General to Probe Catholic Church’s Handling of Abuse The Daily Beast (David L)

The Supremes

SUPREME COURT TO DECIDE WHEN STATES MAY BE SUED IN OTHER STATES’ COURTS National Conference of State Legislatures (UserFriendly)

Trump Transition

In new film, Michael Moore compares Trump to Hitler. And he’s not so crazy about Obama either. WaPo. More interesting than the headline– and Moore’s critique goes much wider than Trump.

Elizabeth Warren: Time to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office CNN

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