Cancelling NYC Meetup This Friday, January 18; Need Input On Planned Fort Lauderdale Meetup on Thursday, February 7

Dear readers,

We made two announcements of upcoming meetups in New York City and Fort Lauderdale. Usually we get some readers saying they will attend, both in comments on the post and by e-mail.

We had one reader ask about if/when we would have a meetup in LA (short answer, we don’t know, we’d like to this year but it is too early to say). Even when Lambert posted what was then the lone comment on the second announcement post asking if anyone was coming, he got only one response.

I managed to miss that the date of the NYC meetup, this Friday, is at the start of the MLK three day weekend. I mistakenly didn’t even consider NC readers as the types that would leave town and it appears a lot will be doing that or alternatively, may have family and friends coming in then for a visit and thus already had plans. It’s also possible everybody has the flu, or is worried about catching it.

Mind you, I’m fine with doing meetups with small groups. But I’m stuck as far as this Friday in NYC is concerned.

In NYC, our meetups are usually large, and there are very few venues where you can book a space without paying a room fee or committing to a hefty minimum spend. I had booked the back room of one such spot, Slainte. We really need at least 35 people to maintain our good standing there of simply promising that enough people will turn up for us to give them the back room, and actually having that happen.

In the past, we’ve reliably had over 50 and the sessions had gone well over three hours too. But if I burn Slainte on this booking, I fear we won’t be welcome again. I don’t know any other venues that would work for drinks for 20ish people where we could mingle, and in any event, it’s too late now to book, plus changing venues would cause more confusion than cancelling.

Similarly, the silence about Fort Lauderdale makes me think I should abandon that trip too. For complicated reasons, I had a ticket there I could rebook, and when I raised the idea in the fall, there were enough positive responses so that the idea seemed to make sense. But having gotten radio silence for the February 7 date, particularly when I asked for help with hotel and venue ideas, says I should just treat the loss on the ticket as a sunk cost and cancel this meetup too.

Readers? Especially from Florida?

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  1. Pat

    Yves, I’m so sorry about this. I would love to attend a meet up in NYC. I have learned so much from NC, and would love to thank you in person if nothing else. (And I’m pretty damn sure, meeting other readers would just add to that education.) Due to the nature of my work, I will either know immediately I cannot come, or won’t know I can come until a few days before. As it turns out, I found out yesterday I cannot come this time as well. While I know that doesn’t exactly encourage you to keep doing this, I would be very sad if they went the way of the dodo. I always pencil the meet ups in, and while I need the work secretly hope that I will be able to go play instead. But of course I understand if the uncertainty coupled with the demands of ‘hosting’ the meet ups has become too much. I will just double my jealousy of those who have been able to come to earlier NYC get togethers.

  2. Democrita

    Hashtag me too! I was planning to go, and maybe drag a friend along. I didn’t even think to RSVP. Did not realize the importance of headcount for you. Will definitely do so next time an anouncement is posted.

    Very much enjoyed the last meetup. It’s great to talk in meatspace.

  3. James E Keenan

    On the assumption that Yves has already cancelled the formal booking for the back room (it’s actually more of a back space) at Slainte, I’d like to invite anyone who still wishes to meet other Naked Capitalism readers to join me in an informal meetup (meet-down?) in the front part of Slainte at the originally scheduled starting time of 5:00 pm ET this Friday, Jan 18.

    Our Deficit Owls meetup group has used Slainte for this purpose. I think the early start time will enable us to secure a large table even though it’s a Friday. I’ll bring along a modern monetary theory-related book for group identification. No RSVP needed; no promise on my part that Yves will attend.

    1. Ernst

      +1 – James & Democrita, same here, sorry Yves, I failed to RSVP, but did plan to attend, and will stubbornly still do so. See you in the analog realm, 5pm Friday.

      1. James E Keenan

        I didn’t see an RSVP button (a la or request for response on the original post, nor did I think it warranted a Comment. So I myself didn’t RSVP, either. And I don’t recall having to RSVP for the two previous NYC events I’ve attended.

        So, for this one, y’all come down now and we’ll let Yves et al. figure out whether an RSVP button is needed in the future.

  4. Darius

    Would love a DC NC meetup near a Metro stop or a reliable and frequent bus route. There are a few.

  5. Futility

    Would love to come to one but I don’t live in the States anymore. Moved back to Germany. Any chance there will be a meeting in Europe someday? Too small an audience here I suppose.

    1. Irrational

      I recall there being one in Paris a few years back, which I could not make and I echo the idea of another European meet-up when it fits in Yves’ conference plans so long as it is with due warning so plane/train tickets to wherever are reasonably priced.

  6. DHG

    Feb 7 2019 is the day Cohen testifies in the House and from what I hear it will be televised live. This might explain it,

  7. timotheus

    Had planned to attend with a friend. If people are still meeting, we can find a space at the bar.

  8. Matt

    I was planning on attending NYC as well. Bummed but the logic makes sense, will look out for the next one.

  9. mrtmbrnmn

    Very not good news that the NYC meetup is cancelled. Always enjoy the enlightened discussions despite the ever-rising noise levels of these backroom meetups as the evening progresses. And especially always look forward to hearing the current views of the brilliant Michael Hudson. For my money, I would prefer the Super Bowl were cancelled.

    Is it too late to cancel the cancellation???

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