Extending Sort of Comments Holiday

Dear patient readers,

We announced a comments holiday from December 25 through and including today so as to allow NC staff, particularly our tireless comments wrangler Jules Dickson, a badly-needed respite.

However, we also allowed individual post authors to enable comments….which unlike past comments holidays, happened more than once a day. Even though we warned readers any of these exceptions would be subject to delayed liberation of any comments that got shunted to moderation so as to alleviate the load, Jules wound up pitching in some days, which was not our intent.

So to allow Jules time off, we are continuing our “sort of” comment holiday through and including this Sunday January 5. Since it does not seem likely that we’ll have earthshaking new news in first two business days of the new year, hopefully this partial break will provide for some needed slack while not unduly inconveniencing readers.

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