Shall We Have a Dallas Meetup Thursday February 13?

Dear patient readers,

I’ll be in exotic Plano a week from Thursday and wondered if readers were game for a Dallas meetup then. I would need someone to find a venue that could accommodate 10 to perhaps as many as 25 people, with a section we could reserve or take over. Not being too noisy is very important; ease of mingling is also a consideration. I would prefer no more than a 30 minute drive from Plano.

I’m coming in on an AM flight, and should have no problem making a 5:00 PM meetup. But I would need someone to volunteer to recommend a spot and make the arrangements, and some indication of interest below so the organizer can plan better.

Hope we can make this a go and no hard feelings if not.

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  1. phemfrog

    I’m in. Not sure i can find a venue in Plano. I know lots of busy, noisy places. I’ll think about it.

  2. Ancient1

    There are plenty of places in downtown Dallas, Uptown for example. But, I imagine most Dallas, NC readers live or work in the North Suburbs – not Dallas proper. Would like to attend, but I live in South Dallas and driving North is a challenge for me. Sorry, not meant as a negative comment.

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