Labor Day Weekend Posting and Comments Schedule

Dear patient readers,

Even though very few are on conventional vacations this Labor Day weekend due to Covid, I hope you take a break, even if it’s just puttering in your yard, settling down with a good book or movie or going to a nearby park.

We will be on a somewhat lighter posting schedule. You’ll get Links and at least two posts other every day through and including Monday (how many you get for Friday depends on the caliber of news flow and I haven’t gone foraging yet). Lambert may be doing just a Plantidote and open thread for Monday. In other words, Monday will be light on non-Links posts and Friday may be too.

The site may also be slow late Sunday evening. Our host, Keith, will be doing some optimization, which is essential maintenance. It will not take the site offline but it will probably make it very sluggish for a few hours.

For comments, our comments jockey Jules will be off starting Friday morning and won’t be back on the grid till Sunday or maybe even Monday. That means I will be the only person minding comments and I am off until mid-PM. So if your comment winds up in moderation, please be patient with us!!!

And do enjoy your holiday.

With fall coming, animals and leaves are a seasonal theme:

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  1. Carla

    Thank you so much, Yves, Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, and Jules for all you do.

    In addition to my modest monthly support, I am making an additional Labor Day donation in appreciation and gratitude.

  2. flora

    What Carla and Jonathan said.

    Labor Day holiday in the US marks the end of summer and the start of the every two year’s political gish gallop of claims and counter claims for votes. Relax and rejuvenate whilst you can, oh NC website honchos, before the political onslaught of ads/attacks/lies starts in earnest, beginning a couple of weeks from now. Best.

  3. Ignacio

    Enjoy the Labour day, and as Carla says, thank you very much for your good job! — and essential in some sense for the fresh air this site brings daily.

  4. PlutoniumKun

    Best wishes to all the hard working NC crew, hope you manage to enjoy some well deserved downtime.

  5. Democrita

    Special extra thanks for the panda cub vid! I needed that.
    And all the great work throughout the year.

  6. bassmule

    …and thank you for creating this island of sanity and civility in an ocean of rudeness and crudeness.

  7. orlbucfan

    Labor Day meant the end of summer and prepping for fall in the US ‘cept for the Southern part of the country. Back then there were seasons, and even now a lot of us still remember and celebrate. Thank you Yves, Lambert, and Jerri-Lynn, and enjoy the holiday weekend.

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