Fundraiser Special! Come Get Your Naked Capitalism Songbooks!

Readers may recall how the shifting of the tectonic geopolitical plates in 2022 produced an outburst of creativity in the Naked Capitalism comments section, in the form of topical, pointed, and typically very funny new lyrics to popular songs. I knew the members of our commentariat had many skills, but I had no idea how many could give Tom Lehrer a run for his money. We would often have three a day. And it wound up being so many that as you can see below, we have a three volume songbook staring with Volume Zero.1

In the spirt that everyone can read Naked Capitalism for free, this offering is a fundraiser special. No having to send money to get the tote bag/DVD.

But we do hope that those who were planning to give but haven’t yet might take this as a wee reminder of the rich offerings in Naked Capitalism posts and in the comments section. If you haven’t yet gotten around to making a donation yet, please make a mini-detour to the Tip Jar and donate to support this community. Anything you can give, $5, $50, or $5,000, helps keep us fit and feisty.

We also hope you’ll circulate the songbooks widely. It’s a way great to introduce the site to new audiences. Some samples, with credits to Naked Capitalism lyricists:

Antifa, to the tune of “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash:

When Clarence was a young boy, his Granny told him, “Son
Only work for rich men if you aim to get along.
Doncha be a field hand—you be an Uncle Tom.
If you serve wealth and power—rich folks will grease your palm”

Brunches with Cats, to the tune of  “As Time Goes By” by Dooley Wilson:

You must remember this
A script is just a script
A lie is just a lie
The same old politics apply
As time goes by

Sardonia, to the tune of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”:

Vladimir Putin
Picks up the shreds of agreements that nobody meant
Sits in the Kremlin
Wondering if…there is anyone that he can trust
Words have been busted

All the torn-up treaties
Why do we even try?

The songwriters are Antifa, Brunches with Cats, caucus99percenter, ChrisFromGA, G Rogersen Hart, GT, Hank Linderman, LawnDart, LifelongLib, Martin Oline, Sardonia, ThirtyOne, and Wukchumni.

Reader John Zelnicker started collecting them with the idea of producing a songbook. He helped clean up the text and sometimes added the name of the original song (some lyricists provided a link to a performance of the original but not its title). Another member of the community did additional review and formatting.

So thanks to all!

And again, I hope you’ll pass these songbooks on, and if you send the pdfs (as opposed to a link to this post), we hope you remember to link back to Naked Capitalism to make it easy for recipients to check out the site.

And please if you can: remember we are in the midst of our fundraiser. Your donations enable us to provide relevant, timely, incisive posts every day of the year, and create an environment for the witty, lively discussions that helped inspire these lyrics. So please proceed to the Tip Jar and give generously, and if you are able top up your donation to pay it forward on behalf of everyone here.


1 The first book is Volume Zero because John started collecting the songs in September 2022, and called that Volume I. Antifa then volunteered to collect all songs from January 2022 to September 2022. John didn’t want to call that Volume II since the songs were posted at Naked Capitalism before Volume I so he called it Volume 0, now Zero. Lambert approved of zero because it is as a old computer joke, in that computer people start lists with “0”. I am told this issue is a source of decades-long conflict and agita.

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  1. GramSci

    Here’s thanks from the chorus to all the lyricists and John Zelnicker for the compilation. The NC Songbook gets a place of honor on my music stand.

  2. John Zelnicker

    I am deeply grateful to Yves for hosting such a great site, to Lambert for providing invaluable advice and suggestions during the process of putting the songbooks together, to Antifa for assisting in collecting the songs and most especially to all of our wonderful songwriters for sharing their creativity with us.

    I hope everyone enjoys these songbooks as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

    Stay safe out there, y’all.

  3. britzklieg

    It’s great to have them all collected and I may have to go outside my measly budget in order to get a copy… not that I am at all opposed to donating something more to N.C. but that for me timing is everything and right now is not the best time for another. The motivation to have the collection is great because the contributions were so often exceptional and often downright brilliant.

    I’m not sure my one and only offering would have been included, as it was just a month ago and posted late night when few probably saw it. It’s also not based on a well known song and frankly not that different in theme from the original: XTC’s “Here Comes President KIll Again” from their 1989 album Oranges and Lemons. In fact I didn’t need to change a word of the chorus.

    the original:

    and my version:

    Here comes President Droll again
    Puppeteered by all of his killing men
    Telling him he’s so cool and then
    He can be smug and cruel again

    Hooray, make up the facts
    King Putin is dead
    Ukraine, just barely intact
    Needs 40 billion more instead

    Here comes President Drool again
    Looking like a dumb-ass fool again
    Dressed in a bib and wearing Depends
    The DNC not giving a damn

    Hooray, aint it a stitch
    Queen Nuland is stoked
    If he stops mid-sentence like Mitch
    Just give him some of Hunter’s coke

    Ain’t democracy wonderful?
    Them Russians can’t win
    Ain’t democracy wonderful?
    Let us vote someone like that in

    Here comes President Drool again
    Ever the bankster’s tool and a scam
    Ruining lives and reining us in
    President Drool will kill us for them

    Hooray, everything’s great
    Who cares if he’s lost?
    No problem, the corpse will be tossed
    And we’ll vote for who they choose again

    1. John Zelnicker

      Hi, britzklieg. Thank you for your song.

      First, the PDF’s above can be downloaded for free. No contribution required. Click on the button with the down arrow at the bottom of each book and you can download the file or print it.

      Your previous effort was not included as Volume Two ends about April 28, 2023.

      However, I am still collecting for a potential Volume Three. Is this song the one you posted previously? If they’re different, please direct me to the earlier one. I’d like to make sure I have as many as I can.

      Don’t worry about whether the song is popular or not. There are several in the songbooks based on songs I never heard of and I go back a few decades.

      Stay safe.

      1. britzklieg

        Thanks John(!) and yes, this is my one and only song parody “Here Comes President Drool Again” (heh, droll might have worked as well but that first line as printed here was a mistake and droll does not offer as many immediate and ripe rhyming possibilities!)

        I may try my hand at some others since the project is on-going and thank you for your determination to collect and index them. Yay!

        1. John Zelnicker

          Drool does work better.

          When you post a song I would appreciate it if you would send me the link to your comment to zelnickertaxservice [at] comcast [dot] net.

          I don’t always have time to search the comments as thoroughly as I’d like.

          Stay safe.

          1. britzklieg

            Will do. I didn’t really expect that you could be aware of every parody offered which is why I re-posted in case you might see it. Thanks for the address and kudos for your good work!

    1. John Zelnicker

      And many thanks to you, Wuk, for your many contributions. I think you contributed more songs than anyone else.

      I’m still collecting, so if you post more, please try to send me the link to the comment at zelnickertaxservice [at] comcast [dot] net.


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